5 Songs You Should Hear


5 Songs You Should Hear

Although I'm really busy with uni, I decided to still keep this blog active (besides the Celeb Style Inspiration of the Week posts, of course), so I'll be posting throughout the week small posts. They can be related to just about anything, but it usually will revolve around beauty, fashion and lifestyle in general (sometimes even giving advice if any of you would like a particular subject?).

Today's post will just be really quick and simple and it will revolve around music. Everyone loves it and we honestly can't live without it either, it's always there for us in the sad times or the good times. And we are always looking for new favourite songs and new artists to fall for, so I decided to give you my favourite five songs of the moment. Although these aren't really by unknown artists (except the bonus song), they're really good songs that are perfect for my long tube rides to uni on these wintery days filled with rain. Here's my five most played songs, also some of my favourites:

Oblivion by Bastille
She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Girls by The 1975

So I hope you guys like this and, as always, please leave a comment saying if you liked the post, if you liked one of the songs/artists and if you have a suggestion for a new post! Also, don't forget to follow so you can check out all new posts.

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