My 2015 Resolutions


My 2015 Resolutions

Happy 2015 everyone!! A new year means a new beginning and new goals, which is exactly what this post is all about. Today, I'll be talking about my 2015 resolutions, be it for this blog or for myself. Hopefully you can get some inspiration for your own resolutions!

1) Blog Goals

So, for the new year, I really want to take this blog to the next level. As you may know, I am currently attending college, which means I don't always have a lot of free time to work on this posts, but I'm determined not to let that become an excuse. You can count on a post every Monday as a sure thing, and I'm going to try and slowly build that up to two posts per week, it really depends on how busy I will be with the new semester that starts in February. But rest assured, this blog will not go inactive at any point of 2015.

I'm also hoping to post a lot more product reviews and hopefully even get companies to send me samples at some point. Giveaways are also something I'm hoping to start doing, more towards the end of 2015 (fingers crossed for some Christmas giveaways?). I definitely want more OOTD's to be posted here, so I'm contacting some friends of mine who are into photography. If everything goes according to plan, OOTD's will be that second post a week, since they're a lot easier to do.

Finally, I also have goals for all my social media. I hope to reach 100 followers on my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin. So far, I am a long way from reaching that goal, but I am confident I'll get there, with your help, of course. If I don't reach that goal, I won't be very bothered, because I'm not doing this for the numbers, but it would be nice to get feedback from so many people, so I can bring you better content each passing week.

2) Personal Goals

Unlike other years, where I found myself wishing for a boyfriend and magical weight loss, this year I feel like I have grown as an individual and I'm focusing solely on myself. This may sound odd and borderline selfish to some of you, but I really want to stop worrying so much about whether or not I find a boyfriend or if I reach those ideal 60kg.

Basically, this year, I want to make more friends (real friends, not the type you make out of convenience simply because you're forced to spend five days a week with them in class). I want to have good grades, but at the same time I want to go out and have fun, experience the world and enjoy my twenties, because I truly feel like I haven't done enough of that up until now. Be it due to my own insecurities or lack of positive people surrounding me, I have been too afraid to simply live my life in the moment and I fully intend to start doing that in 2015.

Although I won't be so obsessed with my weight, I do want to become healthier. I don't have an ideal weight in mind, nor do I care if I reach a certain weight, I simply want to feel healthy. In the past year, I did let myself go (not as much as I have in other years, but still) and I want to go back to the state of mind I had in 2013 about my body. I was truly confident about my appearance back then, even if I didn't weight those mythical 60kg, but I was no longer insecure and that's what I'm chasing after this year. In order to reach that goal, I'll be doing Blogilates' new Beginners Calendar all throughout January (like some of you may already know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram) and I intend to keep doing Blogilates' videos to keep in shape all throughout the year.

Finally, I want 2015 to be the year where I do my absolute best at everything. No more slacking in college, blogging, or even friendships and getting healthier. I want to stop being afraid of following through with my decisions and, at the end of the year, I hope to be a more confident and happier person overall. But enough about me! I'm really curious to know what your 2015 resolutions are, so send them to me through Twitter, Instagram or leave a comment down below. If you happen to share a resolution with me (or even if you don't), we can work together to make sure 2015 will be an amazing year!

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