Beating The Monday Blues

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Beating The Monday Blues

Welcome to a brand new fashion series on my blog! I was feeling like the fashion section was lacking, so I came up with Daily Stylespiration, a daily post featuring a whole outfit I put together on Polyvore. This will make my blog a lot more active, since instead of the regular Monday post, you will now get that and also daily stylespiration posts every day of the week! Hopefully you'll enjoy these posts and you'll get a better sense of what my personal style is like.

Today's post is all about how terrible Mondays are and how you can beat the Monday blues with a stylish yet comfortable outfit. Let's be honest, nobody has the time or patience for anything, let along doll up for school or work. In most places, it's still freezing outside, which only makes things worse. On days like these, I always try to dress as comfortable as possible, because if I feel all snuggled up, I'll instantly feel better, and if I'm wearing something I feel confident in, my day will surely go better and my mood will improve on the spot.

Jeans are always a great option. Just grab your most comfy pair; I chose this pair from H&M, I love the hard-worn details, that give your outfit a more casual vibe.

When it comes to tops, anything will go great with this look, be it patterns or a plain black tee like this one from H&M (currently out of stock, but it's very easy to find a similar one). Personally, I prefer to go for simple colours, especially black and white, since they're incredibly easy to pair up with everything else in your wardrobe - prints, however, can be a good way to bring some colour or personality into your outfit.

Since it's still cold outside, I suggest choosing a warm cardigan that will keep you warm all day long. I chose this knitted cardigan from Monki (currently out of stock).

For shoes, you could easily go for a pair of trainers since they're a big trend at the moment, but if you're not a big fan of that trend, a simple pair of flats will classy everything up while still keeping things casual. Of course, you could also go with some black boots if that's what you love, just make sure you're comfortable at all times on these dreaded Mondays. I chose a pair of pointed loafers from H&M (currently out of stock), but something like this, from Topshop, would also look perfect.

Finally, grab your favourite black bag; I went with one from Saint Laurent (currently out of stock), but there's a million more that will work just as well and won't end up breaking your bank! Any black bag will do, really. Even a pop of colour would work, if you feel like you need it to liven up your Monday. You can also add some accessories such as rings - personally, I'm not a big fan, but do what you must to make the outfit more you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you're as excited about this series as I am! Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments and don't forget to have a great Monday.

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