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I'm not a very fussy person when it comes to shower products. When you share a house with four other people, you usually just grab whatever is in the shower rather than go out of your way and ask someone else to buy a specific item you love (unless you're lucky enough your mom also loves it)! Although it's nothing fancy and girly like anything from Lush, I decided to share with you what I'm currently reaching for during shower time and my thoughts on said products. And don't get me wrong, I love bath bombs as much as the next person, but you try and convince your mother to spend those extra euros on a one time thing - it's just not going to happen.

Starting off with my shower gel, I'm currently using the Revlon Natural Honey Shower Gel. This particular range is usually in sale at the drugstore, so I've tried almost every scent possible and I have to admit, this particular one isn't my favourite. I prefer the argan oil one, the smell of that is just divine, but this one isn't bad either. Just not one for sensitive noses.

As for conditioner, I've been using the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Aginine Resist x3. Isn't that a mouthful? And yes, I did mention conditioner before shampoo, but that's because I actually condition my hair before shampooing. I've read about it on Pinterest and haven't stopped doing it ever since. I found it moisturises my hair a lot more this way, so give it a try if you suffer from split ends! Personally, I love L'Oreal conditioners, I feel like they're one of the best out there as far as drugstore goes. This one definitely helps my split ends, plus I notice it strengthens my hair a bit as well!

Amaze In Style | The Shower Edit

When it comes to shampoo, I actually prefer either Garnier or Schwarzkopf ones. Currently, I'm using this one from Garnier that is supposed to hydrate, add shine and indicated for normal hair. Now my hair is quite normal, getting slightly oilier depending on where my hormones are at, so this works just fine most of the time. Besides, Garnier shampoos have the most amazing scent ever, so I can't stop using them.

I also tend to cleanse my face and exfoliate while I shower, so I use the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel-cream Wash and the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator. I always reach for the gel at the end of the day for double cleansing my skin from a day's worth of makeup, but I find that it works really well one days I don't really wear makeup but still need to clean my skin. As for the exfoliator, it's very nice and gentle, but I won't go too deep into it since I'll be posting a review/comparison post very soon!

Finally, if I feel like my hair needs it, I will use a mask. Lately, I've been reaching for the L'Oreal Elvive Hydra-Collagen Mask. It's supposed to be for curly hair, and while mine is only naturally wavy, I do feel like it brings some 'oomph' to my waves. Definitely something I'd reach for when I want to stay clear from straighteners and curlers!

What are your favourite products when it comes to shower time? Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to leave some down in the comments below!

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  1. I love the sound of the Loreal hair mask.. I have curly hair so sounds like it could work well for me. My shower consistence mainly of body shop shower gels. I love them! xx

    1. While my hair is wavy, my mum's a lot curlier and she swears by it! Plus it also helps control some of the friz :) xx