Celeb Style Inspiration: Harry Styles

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Celeb Style Inspiration | Harry Styles

So I decided to pick Harry Styles as the Celeb Style Inspiration of the Week because he turned 20 last weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to pay a small tribute to the birthday boy and his sense of style! And even though he's a guy, the inspired outfits I made on Polyvore are for girls, with a boyish touch.

Now, I usually make a small intro on the celebrity but I don't really think Harry needs a any type of introduction. He was in the British X Factor, he's in the extremely popular band One Direction and he's one of the biggest celebrities out there right now. Despite all the bad rumours surrounding him every now and then - being a womanizer and so forth - Harry keeps showing he's a good guy, he stands all kind of hate and manages to still live a happy life. As for his sense of style, I have to be honest and admit it's not always spot on but when it is, it's perfect - and that's what I'll show you guys today. So let's move on to the inspired outfits!
Celeb Style Inspiration | Harry Styles
Starting with a more casual outfit that we all can wear on a lazy day or simply on a day where we feel like being comfortable. I love the outfit and it's so easy for a girl to adapt this outfit to her own style without making her look too manly -  plus, black is always a good colour to wear and the brown boots (very good friends of Harry Styles if you see many pictures of him) give a break from all the black without looking off. This is a great outfit to just wear on a day to day basis, be it to school, out with friends or with family and both boys and girls can get inspiration from it!

Celeb Style Inspiration | Harry Styles
Now this is probably one of my favourites outfits Harry ever wore (and it's probably the favourite of many as well). Even though I, personally, don't fancy the leopard print on anything, Harry makes it work in this picture and it can easily be translated into a more feminine style perspective if you add a pair of boots with heels to them (just like the Zara ones I used on the inspired set, which I am in love with, by the way). Overall, it's a really nice outfit, the black is once again really present and looks stunning, plus the ripped skinny black jeans are definitely on my wishlist now!

Celeb Style Inspiration | Harry Styles
And to finish off this post, I decided to show another casual look, this time a bit more boyish than the others but still with a inspired girly twist. I love the simple white t-shirt, even though I couldn't find a more similar shirt in terms of prints, but I think that even a simple white shirt would do in this case. To add a more feminine look, you can add wedged sneakers like the second pair or, if you're not really a fan of heels or wedged sneakers, you can pair them with simple sneakers as well!

And that's the end of today's post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and managed to take some inspirations from my sets or Harry's outfits. Also, if you liked this and want more, you can follow my blog and maybe leave a comment telling me which celeb you'd like to see on next week's Celeb Style post? Hope you all have a lovely weekend and a belated happy birthday to Mr. Harry Styles!

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