OOTD: Thrift Shopping


OOTD | Thrift Shopping

This is what I'm wearing today and my main theme today is thrift shopping!

Both this baggy denim jacket and my grey comfy sweater are thrifted and I couldn't love them more than I already do. I'm obsessed with the jacket, it's super comfortable and warm (perfect for these really cold days) and it's also not baggy enough to make me look like I actually weigh more than I do - overall, it's a great fit and I'll be wearing it a lot more from now on! As for the sweater, it's the perfect length for me, I love the colour and it can be paired with just about anything because of it's neutral colour. It's also very warm, which is definitely a plus!

As for the rest of my outfit, it isn't trifted, since my jeans are from Bershka and my sneakers are Converse low tops. Still, I think it's good to combine trifted items with non-trifted ones to create a more balanced look. Also, I'm adding my H&M bag (similar to the Mulberry Effie) in white/cream since my mother took my black one! (I didn't have the time to take a picture of it, so here's one I found online)

OOTD | Thrift Shopping
By the way, this bags are amazing and I totally recommend them since they're very cheap and very cute (plus, they're not that small, so you can even take them to school if you're like me and carry your books and notebooks on your hand!)

This outfit is a combination of inexpensive items and some (mainly the Converse) that are on the pricey side. But my main concern was how comfortable I'd be, since I'm going out to the mall with my friend today and we'll be doing lots of walking and catching the bus, so I needed something that would keep me warm - and this outfit is perfect for it!

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