Celeb Style Inspiration: Mollie King

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Celeb Style Inspiration | Mollie King

Mollie King is one of my favorite celebrities out there right now. Some of you may have heard about her but, for the ones who haven't, here's a little bit about her:

1) She's in a popular girl band called "The Saturdays"
2) She's 26 (her birthday is the 4th of June)
3) She loves all kinds of sports where she can be in the water
4) She hates Skittles
5) Her idol is Carrie Bradshaw
6) Gossip Girl always cheers her up
7) Her favorite artists are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele, Britney Spears and John Mayer

    Mollie is, according to her bandmates, a very nice girl that thinks she's a bad girl, when she really isn't. She's very playful and will often make fun of herself to cheer up others. Besides her singing career, she has also done some modelling gigs and, lately, she's been pulling high fashion photoshoots.

    I love Mollie's sense of style and how it's so put together but at the same time comfortable. She realizes she can't dress as a 19 year old since she's already 26, but she still manages to look young and follow some of the latest trends, while keeping things classy. Here's some inspired outfits I made on Polyvore, all based on Mollie's style and outfits!

    Celeb Style Inspiration | Mollie King

    Mollie looks absolutely stunning in this photo shoot for the brand Oasis (from which the skirt she's wearing is, by the way). She looks super put together and classy, but at the same time she looks comfortable and we could all see ourselves wearing something like this if we're going out (maybe not to school, sure, but Mollie is 26 so, sometimes, her looks won't exactly be school appropriate). I don't know what shoes she was wearing so I paired them up with some simple black heels (although they could have been paired with lots of other different options as well!).

    Celeb Style Inspiration | Mollie King
    Now, I was always a bit afraid of patterned pants, mostly because I never have good ideas for outfits with them, or because my shoe collection wasn't made to be matched with patterned pants altogether (which reminds me I have to start investing in more shoes). But focusing again on Mollie and not myself, she shows us a great way to style floral print trousers (hers are from Zara, by the way, but I couldn't find them on Polyvore, so I decided to look for another pair). This way, the pants are the main focus and everything else is in neutral colours that will allow the trousers to shine; also, it's the best when it comes to these bold prints, because if you match them with another bold print or a very bold colour, the result may not be the best. I love this outfit and I would wear it all the time if I had those pants and those heels, trust me. Also, nude pumps like the ones Mollie is wearing help elongate the legs (so if you're on the shorter side, they're a must have).

    Celeb Style Inspiration | Mollie King

    Now, I'm honestly obsessed with the peter pan collar and my only regret is that you don't see many tops with one here in Portugal (not yet, at least). While it's my goal to own a dozen of different tops with this cute collar, Mollie shows us a great way to match her top with simple black pants, bag and wedges. Also, if you look at all the pictures I have in this post, you'll see Mollie is always wearing heels: that's because she's actually petite (she's 5'4''), but she manages to hide it quite well with her outfit choices, be it the nude pumps to elongate the legs or the heels to give her an extra help with looking taller (if you google Mollie, you'll see she wears wedges quite a lot, which are one of the most comfortable heels out there to wear - once again, comfort is very important for Mollie). 

    Celeb Style Inspiration | Mollie King
    Once again, Mollie looks stunning and she's wearing a combination leather jacket (one of the most popular trends out there, at least as far as style blogs on Tumblr are concerned). This jacket is actually shared with band member Frankie Sandford, but I'll leave Frankie's style for another time. Mollie manages to look professional, stylish and comfortable altogether, which is why I love this outfit so much - it's simple, yet amazing.

    And that's all I have for today! I hope you liked the post and that I managed to give you some style inspiration thanks to the lovely Mollie King. If you liked it and you want to see more, please leave a comment or follow me for more like this!

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