A Week In My Style

by - 22:23

I usually post my OOTD's on my tumblr but I decided to do a weekly post here where I show you what I wore throughout the week. Keep in mind that sometimes I may not have seven outfits to show you since I do reuse outfits and sometimes I just don't think an outfit is good enough to show you all, but I will show you all the outfits I posted on my blog for that week, all in one post!

Since I don't really have anything else to say, let's move on to the outfits!



(This one has really crappy quality and I'm really sorry for it but I was in a rush):





And that's it for this week! The weather was actually nice this week and I'm excited to start getting out my Spring clothes and buying some new ones too. As always, if you liked this post or have an idea for a new post, leave a comment down below!

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