Celeb Style Inspiration: Zoella


Celeb Style Inspiration | Zoella

Hi everyone! For this week's Celeb Style Inspiration, I picked the lovely Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, a very famous British youtuber and one of my personal favourites! You all probably know who she is, so there's really no reason for a major introduction, but Zoe is one of the loveliest youtubers out there and also an inspiration, as she passes on advice on how to deal with anxiety to her viewers.

I'd personally label her style as girly, classy and comfortable. Zoe always has an effortless yet polished look and she manages to look stunning in anything, really. Lately, she's been getting more confident in what she wears and she's starting to experiment with bolder prints, so keep in mind her style is still developing (everybody styles grow overtime, it's natural as your get older for your tastes to change).

Moving onto the outfits!

Celeb Style Inspiration | Zoella

In this first outfit, Zoe wears one of her favourite pieces, the infamous disco pants. Although these particular style doesn't fit all, since not everyone is comfortable with wearing something that clings onto your skin that tightly (which can lead to enhancing areas you'd rather conceal, like your lower abs), you can easily exchange those black disco pants for simple black jeans or even high waisted pants, since they tend to flatter just about any body shape. As for the top, it's pretty simple, since the main focus of this outfit is the jacket with its tribal print. When it came to the shoes, I couldn't find a better picture of this outfit, so I simply added those black Chelsea boots with a little bit of heel, but you could also choose something with no heal and it would look just as nice.

Celeb Style Inspiration | Zoella

In this picture, Zoe shows us a lovely look for summer, plus a stylish alternative when it gets a bit chilly. The high waisted shorts are a must for the Summer, they are both comfortable and fashionable, helping all your outfits look better. The grey top is quite basic and gives you the comfort and also an effortless vibe to the outfit. The salmon/peach blazer is the pop of colour all outfits need in this season, plus it's optional and will help you keep warm when it's quite windy. I added some white sandals, which are both feminine and practical for walking around, plus they don't have a heel.

Celeb Style Inspiration | Zoella

In this pic, we see a bit more of Zoe's more daring outfits, with bright colours and bold patterns. She still manages to look stunning and it's a very good look for Summer. However, if you're not ready to be this bold, you can always go with a romper in one solid colour, such as black. By adding a belt, you create a more defined silhouette, which may get lost in this type of outfits (plus by adding it where Zoe did, you're enhancing the slimmest part of your torso, making you look skinnier). Top it off with a pair of wedges for a classier look and match with a bag in the same colour and you're ready!

Celeb Style Inspiration | Zoella

For the last outfit, I chose a more casual and comfy look to show you you don't need much to look flawless. Simply put on your favourite pair of sneakers, your favourite baggy jumper and a pair of disco pants (a good alternative is jeggings or even leggings) and you're done! You look good and you're comfortable, which is very important since the more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more confident and happy you are.

And that's the end of today's post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and managed to take some inspirations from my sets or Zoe's outfits. Also, if you liked this and want more, you can follow my blog (and my tumblr) and maybe leave a comment telling me which celeb you'd like to see on next week's Celeb Style post? Hope you all have a lovely week and I'll promise I'll post soon since I'm officially on Summer break from uni, which means I have LOTS of free time!

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