Festival Haul

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Summer Festival Haul

Hi everyone! So I'm going to Optimus Alive next week (it's a music festival, like Coachella but less hippy, I guess), so I obviously needed something to wear, hence why I went shopping last night. I was on a tight budget though, since money does not grow on trees, but I managed to buy all that you see in the picture above for only 30 euros!

First off, I bought this lovely crop top. It's from Primark and it was only 3.50€. It's very cheap and very similar to American Apparel's Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Turtleneck Crop Top. I already tried it out and it's amazing, really comfortable, not too tight and not too loose either. Plus it was ridiculously cheap, so that's always a plus.

Summer Festival Haul

Next, I bought this high waisted skinny jeans from Bershka, for only 19.99€. Now, I don't own anything high waisted (besides a black skater skirt from H&M) because, until a little while ago, high waists weren't a trend in Portugal. Trends take a while to travel here and thank to God they finally came because I needed high waisted things in my life so bad, you have no idea. I love trend, plus as a tall girls with not so long legs, this is going to be a lifesaver. I tried on tons of high waisted pants and shorts, but these were the ones that spoke to me the most. The shorts were too tight and weren't that flattering on the rib cage area, because it made me have muffin tops, so I couldn't by those. Either that or they were far too tight and awkward looking on the crotch area, which was also a big no for me. But this pair fit just right: no muffin tops, no godforsaken camel toe, and they're just perfect, really. Plus a lot cheaper than the ones I saw in other stores.

Summer Festival Haul

I found this beauty at Primark for only 5€ and it's exactly what I needed for the festival. Big enough to put all the essentials I'll need for the day and small enough for me to carry around without my shoulder hurting by the end of the night. I really like the style and the color, plus I don't have anything like this in my closet yet, so I'm really happy about it.

Summer Festival Haul

Finally, I bought this more on a whim than anything else. I was at the register at Primark and I had 1.50€ left on my purse, and I looked over and saw this cute little chapstick for only 1.50€, so I decided to try it out since I just ran out of my Baby Lips (the one that tastes like lemon and has SPF in it) and I needed a replacement. I've tried this out quite a lot already and it's nice, it does feel like my lips are protected but I wouldn't say it's moisturising like the label says. I feel like it's the kind of lip balm you put on before applying lipgloss or lipstick, to make sure your lips are protected from the sun, especially now that it's Summer. The SPF 30 is what attracted me the most and since the price is so low, I'd probably buy it again, even if it's not moisturizing at all.

And that is all for today's post! I hope you guys liked it and if you did, you can always leave a coment either telling me your favorite item or if you're going to any music festivals this Summer like I am. I'll be getting a couple more things this week, mainly beauty stuff (since I will have around 15€ to spend), so expect another haul post very soon!

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