Just a quick update!


As you can see, I changed my theme! I really like it now and I think it looks a lot better, although I'm still trying to add my Tumblr and Polyvore links to the topbar, but I'm not the best when it comes to CSS so that will probably take a while.

Anyways! I'll be posting more often and I decided to link this blog to my Polyvore account, so all my sets are published here and in my tumblr, in case you're following that. So this blog will be a lot more active, since I'll be posting lots of Polyvore sets and also the regular Celeb Style Inspiration of the Week posts.

But I want to post different stuff, maybe a bit of health and fitness advices since I did lose around 20 pounds in my senior year of highschool? Or maybe makeup tutorials? Just leave me either requests for Polyvore sets or even your opinion on what I should post next, I'd really appreciate it!

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