Fashion Pet Hates


Fashion Pet Hates

Every now and then, fashion trends come along that just leave us cringing and wondering how anyone could ever be willing to wear such a thing. I'm no exception and, sometimes, I'm baffled by some trends people have embraced so fondly in 2014. Of course, remember this is just my opinion and personal taste. If any of the things I mention in this post are your thing, don't be discouraged! Everyone's taste is different and as long as you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, that's all that matters.


These are my number one fashion pet hate, hands down. Just the name makes me cringe, twist and turn. Ever since summer 2014, these became a big trend amongst fashion bloggers and you could see them all over Tumblr too, which made my life very hard. A lot of my favourite bloggers started wearing them and although the rest of their outfits were on point, for me the shoes were such a turn off from the rest of the outfit that I ended up not hitting that reblog button more often than not. I just can't find anything appealing about these shoes, I don't understand why people are so crazy about them, but then again, I don't judge them. I just can't look past the fact these look like old men shoes, that don't flatter you in the least. I know I'll be ruffling a lot of feathers by saying this, but it's just my personal opinion. I'll be dead before you catch me wearing a pair of these, I promise you.

Leopard Prints

Now, I know this isn't a 2014 trend exclusively, it's been around for quite a while now, but I just never got around to be into it. Don't get me wrong, I believe there's some great pieces of clothing with leopard print, but it's very hard to make it look classy. Especially here in Portugal, leopard prints became associated to trashy rather than classy, I guess that simply rubbed off on me and now I have a hard time separating the two. Mind you, I don't hate this nearly as much as I loathe Birkenstocks, so I do see myself one day perhaps opening up to try them out (especially on slip ons, I think those look fab), but it's going to take a while to reeducate myself into feeling confident wearing such a thing. I can't make any promises.

All Denim

Every now and then, you see people pairing a pair of jeans with a denim shirt and I can't help but grimace. I just can't understand why people would do this, it looks like you have a denim overall on (which is a thing, so why not just buy one in the first place?) or you look very cowboy-ish. This may be a European point of view, of course, but it's my own. I just never see myself doing such a thing, to be honest. Same goes with wearing denim jackets and blue jeans. Just not for me.

And that's all I have for today! I'll probably do a similar post involving beauty related trends in the future, or maybe even a sequel to this post, whenever I feel particularly fidgety about a new fashion/beauty trend. Be sure to leave your fashion pet hates on the comments down below or even ones I didn't mention!

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