Favourite Blogs: January Edition

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Favourite Blogs | January Edition

Hi everyone! For today's post, I decided I was going to start a new monthly series. Every month, I'm going to show you some of my favourite blogs. This is just a small collection of blogs I've been reading a lot for the past month and that I feel like you guys might also like. This isn't shameless promo of any of them, I never spoke to any of the owners of any of these blogs, I just really like reading their posts and hopefully you will too!

I found her blog in January thanks to a giveaway she was making and I've been loving her blog thus far. I'm not even bothered about winning her giveaway anymore I'm pretty sure I won't, there's a lot of people trying to win but I'm so happy I found her blog. Her product reviews are amazing and I really love her Instagram as well! Definitely a great blog to check out if you're a beauty lover like me.

A lot of you may already know Suzy, be it from her Youtube channel or her blog. I love both and I am always on the lookout for her newest post or video, because I feel like I can relate to her a lot when it comes to personal style. She's a minimal look type of girl, just like me, so I always get tons of inspiration from her hair and makeup tutorials. If you're all about the minimalistic aesthetic or you just can't be bothered with doing something very elaborate with your hair and makeup every single day which happens to be my case most mornings when I'm getting ready for uni, she's definitely worth checking out!

I discovered Sara's blog this month and not only do we share the same name, but we also live in the same country, we're the same age and our makeup tastes are pretty similar, from all the posts I read so far. It's easy to say I've found my long lost twin. Although I never spoke to her, I absolutely love her blog and it's nice to see someone review products I can easily purchase here in Portugal, rather than longing over brands I could never get my hands on. Oh, and all her posts are written in English, so if you're not portuguese, it's not a problem!

I know you've all probably already heard of Lily, be it through her blog or Youtube channel, but I only recently discovered both and I'm very glad I did. She's super helpful be it with blogging tips or just overall beauty related questions and she's the reason why I've been falling in love with Kiko Cosmetics so much lately. She's just an all around great person/blogger/youtuber and if you haven't checked out her channel or blog yet, you definitely should.

The first time I even ran into Olivia on the Internet was on Tumblr, years ago when I started posting OOTD's there. She was one of the very first style bloggers I followed and I always loved seeing her on my dash. Not only is she adorable, but she's also genuinely nice you can tell by the way she answers questions on her Tumblr. Since then, she started her own blog and Youtube channel and I'm proud to say I follow both to this day. There's just something about her that makes you relate to her and keep watching and I recommend you check her out ASAP!

I ran into Vivianna at the same time I ran into Lily, while watching their series with tips for newbie bloggers. I just can't seem to stop reading her blog since then! There's something about her writing style that just blows me away, it's like she's actually there talking to me instead of addressing the readers as a group, something I really like. She gives awesome product recommendations and her makeup tutorials are always inspiring me to try new stuff. Definitely one of my favourite blogs of all times.

Now, if you don't speak Portuguese, you may be a bit stuck on how to pronounce all of that. The truth is, this is a Portuguese blog, written solely in Portuguese, so I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea. Still, I had to include her blog in this list because she's one of my all time favourites. As a Portuguese girl, it's nice to see someone from my country giving advices and showing new products that I can actually buy in Portugal, even if she does review some products that aren't always available here. The best thing about this blog, is that is has both the prices of the products she reviews and where to buy them, which is how I found a lot of new places to shop for brands of makeup I wasn't even aware of their existence here in Portugal! Definitely a must read for all your Portuguese girls out there, sick of pinning over products you'll never get your hands on unless you move to the UK.

Finally, but certainly not any less amazing than any of the other blogs I showed you, we have Sweet Electric. Zoe has one of the most amazing blogs I've ever seen out there. Not only does she do product reviews, but she also has posts specifically to help bloggers. Be it with links to all the resources you can ever need to make it here on your little Internet corner or just good advice, Zoe has, without a doubt, the best blog out there if you're a blogger who is still unsure about how to do the whole blogging thing. She has been a lifesaver ever since I started this blog and I honestly don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found her blog.

And that's all I have for today! I hope you found some new blogs to catch up on. Also, don't forget to leave me your favourite blogs down below in the comments (it can even be your own) so I can check them out and perhaps feature them in February's edition!

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