Oscars Favourites: Makeup, Hair & Outfits

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Admittedly, I am not a big fan of the Oscars. In fact, I'm not a big fan of any award show besides the MTV Music Awards, perhaps the EMA's as well. However, I do love taking a peek at what everybody wore on to this kind of event, since there's always works of art of the red carpet -- naturally, I had to share my favourites with you guys. I've decided to separate everything into three categories (hair, makeup, and hair) since I don't have an overall favourite and I didn't want to just give attention to the dresses -- in fact, what I usually love about these events are the makeup looks, they are always just so on point that I struggle to try and recreate them in my spare time. Anyways, without further ado, let's jump right into my favourite outfits of the 2015 Oscars.

Reese Whiterspoon Oscars 2015

First of all, can we just stare in awe at how perfect Reese Whiterspoon looked? Everything was on point, I loved the simplicity of her dress that hugged her curves just right. It was classy and sophisticated and simply amazing. Definitely a big favourite for me.

Oprah Oscars 2015

Oprah also looked amazing. What I was looking for the most when picking favourite dresses was definitely the way they fit the person wearing it, if it looked like it was made for them or for someone else and they just got stuck with it. That's the biggest mistake you can make when wearing a dress, I believe. Just play with your strengths and find a dress that enhances them instead of bringing unwanted attention to your problematic areas (there are lots of cases on the red carpet where people couldn't do this, hence why they're not in my favourites of this year). Oprah nailed it, her dress fits her perfectly and it gives her amazing shape a lot of positive attention.

Hannah Bagshawe Oscars 2015

Then we have the lovely Hannah Bagshawe, who had my second favourite dress of the night. Honestly, I would so wear this dress if I was given the chance. I believe the feathers are a nice touch too, making the whole dress a lot more special and unique, without making it look tacky or Gaga-esque (and trust me, I love Gaga from the bottom of my heart, just not when it comes to fashion).

Naomi Watts Oscars 2015

Finally, my favourite of all favourites has to be Naomi Watts' dress. This is seriously a masterpiece, it's modern, yet weirdly appropriate for a big occasion such as the Oscars; it's also the perfect way for Naomi to look effortlessly younger, not to mention it compliments her body shape beautifully. To me, no one could ever beat Naomi's look that night, not by a long shot.

Moving onto my favourite makeup looks, Dakota Johnson had a great one. Mind you, I am not a fan of Dakota, nor am I a fan of FSOG (for a long list of reasons I won't talk about in this blog since I don't believe it's the correct platform to do so) but I have to say that her makeup was on point.She had a lovely brown smokey eye paired with a nice watermelon lip. It complemented both her dress and her pale skin, definitely one of my favourites. Simple, polished and youthful -- the perfect combo.

Rita Ora Oscars 2015

Next we have Rita Ora, who looked stunning rocking a nude lip and a classic winged liner. I was not the biggest fan of her dress, but her makeup blew me away. True, it's not the most daring out there, but it plays with her strengths, it accentuates her beautiful brown eyes, which is nice to see since she usually rocks a bold lip colour -- although she looks stunning with it, it often draws the attention away from her eyes, which is a shame to me. I really hope to see this look on her more often, it suits her.

Jennifer Lopez Oscars 2015

Next we have Jennifer Lopez. Now, this was a tough one, because everything about her was on point -- it was hard for me to pick just one favourite category to place her in! I loved her hair and her dress, but overall the makeup won me over the most. Not many people can rock a bubblegum pink lip, especially when you don't have the fairest of skins (it's the main reason why I always avoided it), yet Jennifer looks stunning with one. I also loved the fact she kept everything quite neutral, while still adding that natural glow she is always sporting that truly suits her. She was definitely one of the highlights of the red carpet for me.

Margot Robbie Oscars 2015

Margot Robbie went for the classic look for a blue eyed blonde -- the red lip. Personally, I think she pulled it off, mostly because it's a more orange toned red lip, which makes the whole look a lot more youthful and way less heavy on the eyes. Talking about the eyes, I also believe she made the right choice when she kept them very minimal, since it helps keep all the attention on the lips. If you want to go a bit bolder with your makeup, this is the right way to do it.

Keira Knightley Oscars 2015

Finally, for the ultimate favourite makeup look, I chose Keira Knightley. Sadly, I didn't fall in love with her dress, not one bit -- her hair was a completely different story, I so want to recreate it for an everyday look that it physically hurts. However, her makeup was the protagonist of the night, I loved how she kept it very neutral, it makes it so much more versatile. Honestly, this makeup look would work both for a black tie event such as the Oscars or even for everyday, it's so classic and flattering, yet it doesn't look over the top. What more can you possibly want?

Zoe Saldana Oscars 2015

When it came to hair, I didn't have a lot of favourites, but Zoe Saldana was one of the first names that popped into my head. Now, she was also one of the cases where I loved absolutely everything, her dress was beautiful and her makeup complemented it amazingly well. Yet, her hair kept grabbing my attention a lot more. I love how simple it is, how she preferred to keep it in somewhat of a messy bun, allowing the texture of her curls to shine through. And just like with Keira's makeup, this is one of those hairstyles I could totally see anyone wearing on less formal occasions, plus it's a great suggestion for curly haired girls who wish they had straight hair. Do the same as Zoe Saldana, embrace your gorgeous curls!

Emma Stone Oscars 2015

Next there's Emma Stone, who also looked lovely in every single way. I adored her makeup and her dress was easy on the eyes, but her short hair swept to one side was my favourite part of her look. I love how it reminds me of an older, classier Hollywood, it's definitely befitting of a glamorous award show such as the Oscars. Besides, not many people could rock that hairstyle, which is probably the reason why I picked this as a favourite in the first place. Only someone as awesome as Emma could make this work.

Chrissy Teigen Oscars 2015

Also bringing back some of that old Hollywood glam, we have Chrissy Teigen. Again, you can probably tell curly/wavy hair was a big favourite of mine, I just loved how natural it looked, as opposed to the straight, slicked back look. Chrissy was actually on of my favourites that sadly didn't made it into any other of my favourites, mostly because her hair was just the protagonist of her look -- honestly, I wouldn't have liked her makeup and outfit as much if she had opted for a different hairstyle, it simply wouldn't suit her overall look as much as this did.

Zendaya Coleman Oscars 2015

Finally, but certainly not least in any way, I chose Zendaya. Not because her hair was my least favourite of this category, but because, to me, she was the night's overall winner. Not only did she embrace a hairstyle not many people expected or embraced, but she also managed to have one of the most beautiful dresses and makeup looks of the night. Zendaya was the only person I couldn't find a flaw in, I loved every single bit of her style and it really annoyed me how people commented negatively on her choice to wear dreadlocks. Zendaya looked classier and more beautiful than many with those gorgeous locks and I really hope she starts wearing those more often, no matter what ignorant people might say.

What about you? What were your favourite Oscars looks? Leave the answer down in the comments, I'd love to learn all about your favourites! Also, I'm thinking of doing a similar post for the Brits. Would you like to see one?

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