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Glam Outfit Inspiration

Friday's finally here, which only means one thing: girls night out! Since this weekend I'm going out to celebrate a friend's birthday, I decided today's stylespiration post should be all about how to dress for that occasion. Mind you, going out at night with friends can be a lot more casual than this, but I decided to go for a more bold, polished look.

I know a lot of people think a dress is mandatory for a girls night out, but personally I feel like a playsuit is a lot more comfortable and handy. Whether you're going to be drinking or dancing, it's nice to know the chances of you flashing someone are smaller, hence why a playsuit is the perfect choice for someone as clumsy as me. I went with this one from Topshop (you can find it here). The colour is beautiful and I believe it will compliment all skin tones in a way, plus it accentuates the thinnest part of your body, giving you a flattering shape.

As for the shoes, I had to go with a classic: a simple pair of black high heel sandals. You can never go wrong with these, they work so well with so many outfits, even in a more casual scenario, so they're a great investment as soon as you learn how to walk in them! I chose these from Saint Laurent (you can find them here) but you can find a lot of similar shoes almost everywhere.

As for the bag, you need something that is small and practical, yet big enough to carry your phone, wallet, and other necessities. Hence why a envelope clutch bag like this one from Givenchy (find it here) is perfect.

Finally, I decided to add some makeup suggestions to complete this look, since I didn't want to stop at the outfit. A dramatic red lip and a brown smokey eye look great on everyone, no matter what outfit you're wearing or how you did your hair that night. The Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay is perfect for that night out smokey look, plus it doubles up as a great palette for an everyday subtle eye look for school. As for the lips, Topshop's Wicked is a great alternative if you're looking for a budget-friendly lipstick (you can find it here).

No matter where you go or what you wear, just make sure you're safe, responsible, and most importantly, that you have a blast! I hope you have a lovely time and I'll see you guys on my Monday post.
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