Kiko Brushes Review


Kiko Brush Review | Face 107 and Generation Next Face Brush

Seems like I'm on a roll when it comes to reviews, no? Especially when it comes to Kiko (who are not sponsoring these posts in any way), but it just so happens I've bought a lot of stuff from there lately and decided to share my thoughts on them.

Today, I'll be reviewing two of their brushes - the Face 107 and the Generation Next Face Brush. I bought the 107 a long time ago and only recently got my hands on the face brush, but I've had enough time to test them out and see if they really do work.

Starting with the Face 107 (you can find it here), Kiko claims that it is a foundation brush, which I have to disagree. It's way too small for foundation, as you can clearly see by the size difference when compared to the Generation Next brush, plus it's not dense enough to truly blend in your foundation and give you a nice finish.

Despite that, I have found a great purpose for this brush, since I hate letting my money go to waste. This brush has proven to be quite perfect for creamier concealers, like my Kiko Full Coverage Concealer. It does a great job blending it in a way I don't lose half the coverage by swiping it around with a different brush or my fingers. However, I do feel like this brush works best if you use a stippling motion, rather than making circles. For 12,50€, it's not a bad brush, although I don't really know what else it's good for, besides blending non-liquid concealers (it doesn't do a good job blending or applying liquid ones).

As for the Generation Next Face Brush (you can find it here), Kiko claims that it is a powder brush - for what kind of powder, they don't specify. So I'd assume it would work for bronzer, regular powder, blusher and maybe even powder highlighter, which is quite a big promise for just one brush. Does it really do all that? Yes and no. I found it to apply regular powder like a charm, I'm honestly in love with the way it applies my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder and I honestly wouldn't use any other brush to apply my powder. It also works for bronzer, even if it's not perfect for that. It will do in a pinch, but I prefer different shaped brushes for that.

As for blush, this is definitely a no go. The shape isn't right for applying blush on my cheeks - maybe it's my facial structure or maybe it's the actual brush that isn't the right shape, who knows? As for highlighter, I don't own any powder ones, so I can't say. I feel like it might do a good job with that too, though. Overall, for 15,90€, it's a fantastic brush that I definitely recommend. Did I mention it's the fluffiest thing in the entire world? You can't help but awe every single time you touch it, it's like touching a cloud.

Both brushes are good quality (the Generation Next is ten times better quality than the Face 107 though) and they have not shed a single hair ever since I got them, nor do they look like they will any time soon. At the end of the day, if you only have money for one, go for the Generation Next, it will not disappoint you.

What about you? Have you tried any Kiko brushes? Do you recommend any? Leave it all down below in the comments, I'd love to read it!

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