My Summer Plans

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My Summer Plans

Seems like a long time until summer break, right? Believe it or not, mine will start in a little bit more than a month and a half, so I thought now would be the perfect time to start thinking about what I'm going to do while I'm off uni for three months.

I usually get really lazy during the summer, and I tend to just hibernate for those blessed three months where I have no obligations whatsoever. Sadly, I am getting a bit too old to not have any obligations, even if just for a short amount of time, so I had to find things to do this summer. And, of course, I had to share them with you guys!

Starting off with my most important summer plan, I definitely want to get a summer job. I never had a job before, so both my bank account and CV would benefit a lot from it. Ideally, I'd love to work at the new Topshop store opening sometime in the summer here in Lisbon, but if I can't manage to work there, I'd be fine with getting a job at another clothes store or maybe even somewhere I can take care of kids (did I ever told you I used to volunteer at a preschool?). I just want a place where I can work for the whole summer and where I can gain some working experience, which is all future employers care about when they look at your resumé.

My second summer plan is to travel as much as I possibly can. Personally, I haven't had the chance to travel abroad yet, since my family never really had the money to go on vacation abroad and we don't have any close relatives living abroad either. However, since I am already old enough to travel on my own, I'd love to travel a bit during the summer. So far, I think I can either go to Madrid or London, depending on what summer job I'll get and how much it will pay. Going to Madrid doesn't actually cost a lot of money, so I might do that on a random weekend and do a small road trip with my friends (it is a 5 hour ride from Lisbon to Madrid, after all).

The biggest issue is that I want to do a whole lot of a shopping, so I need to first get my paycheck so I can spend it well. As soon as I have the funds, you can bet I'll be exploring as much of Europe as I possibly can. London would be a dream come true, to be honest, but even the cheapest flights are over 60€, plus it couldn't just be a day trip like Madrid, so it would be a lot more expensive and I think I'll wait until next year for that (probably go in January, when I have my winter break from college and a lot of Christmas money in my pockets).

But Madrid will definitely be my goal and I will definitely go, so please tell me which clothing stores to visit! I already plan to go to Brandy Melville and Topshop, but I still want more brands I can't find in Portugal, so feel free to leave me your suggestions. I won't be doing a lot of tourism since we're not actually spending the night there, but I still want to try and visit a couple of places while I'm there, so leave suggestions for other cool places for me to check out in the comments!

My last current summer plan is to go out a lot more. I usually spent my summer locked inside, refusing all unnecessary contact with the human world because my bed was so much more comfortable and Tumblr was so much more entertaining. However, this summer I plan to get the best tan ever, to go out with my friends and family, to just have a good time and relax for a change, get some much needed fresh air. It's going to be hard, coming out of my shell like that, but I think it will also be a good thing.

Of course, none of these plans will mess up my posting schedule. I will still post three times a week and with all these new exciting things happening in my life, I'll be able to create more content for you guys to read, so overall summer 2015 will be a great time for my blog. And I will definitely come up with more stuff to do until summer is actually here, but for now this is all I got. What about you? What are your summer plans? Don't forget to tell me all about in the comments and also leave recommendations for more stuff I should do during the summer!

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