Kiko Smart Lipstick Review + Swatches


Kiko Smart Lipstick Review | 918, 913 and 909

It's been a while since I reviewed a product, and I feel like it was about time I talked about my small collection of Kiko Smart Lipsticks.

It's no secret just how much I'm in love with these bad boys, they're the most comfortable lipsticks ever (and I have the driest lips in history), super creamy, but still manage to have a pretty decent colour payoff. They also have a good staying power, usually three to five hours, depending on the shade you have.

Kiko Smart Lipstick Review | 918, 913 and 909

I currently own three shades: (from left to right) 909, 913 and 918.

909 (Cherry Red) is a gorgeous red, perfect for an everyday bold lip. However, it's very versatile, and with a more dramatic eye makeup, it also works perfectly for a more glam look. I'm absolutely in love with this shade, it lasts a good two and a half/three hours on my lips, which I know isn't a lot, but keep in mind this lipstick is a creamy formula. It's definitely not matte, but it's not glossy either. Plus it's very pigmented, I only need a couple of swipes to get a very nice colour pay off.

913 (Rosewood) is a lovely pink colour. I find it less creamy than the other two, but also more pigmented. I think it would be a perfect everyday shade for darker skin tones, but it also looks good on lighter skin tones like my own, even if it's a little more bold. It's definitely not a matte finish either, but it does stay on the lips a good three/four hours. It's still a very comfortable lipstick to wear, even if it transfers a bit (like all of these lipsticks do, actually).

918 (Classic Rose) is probably my favourite of the bunch, mostly because it's a perfect MLBB shade. It's a lot less pigmented than the other shades, and it gives a more lustre finish than the other ones. It's the one that lasts the least as well, but it does leave a nice stain on the lips. Weirdly enough, it's the least creamy of the bunch as well, but it's still very comfortable on the lips.

Kiko Smart Lipstick Review | 918, 913 and 909 Swatches

Here's the swatches! From top to bottom: 909, 913, 918. As you can see, 918 is the least pigmented. Overall, they all have lovely consistencies, they don't cling to dry patches much, nor do they apply uneven. For only 3.90€ (they're currently 2.50€ on their website), I think they're way better quality than the price suggests. I'm definitely getting my hands on more shades soon, and I recommend these for anyone who is struggling to find comfortable lipsticks with a decent colour payoff!

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