Kiko Smart Lipstick '903' Review (+Swatches)

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Kiko Smart Lipstick '903' Review (+Swatches)

If you've read my review on the Kiko Smart lipsticks in the shades 918, 909 and 913 (you can find it here), then you know how much I'm a fan of this line and brand. There's just something about the formula that gives just the right amount of colour payoff without drying my already dry lips.

Obviously, when my birthday came up, I had to add a new lipstick of these to my collection - and along came shade 903. It's the perfect pink for the spring time, a lot less muted than shade 918, a favourite of mine for the colder months.

903 isn't as sheer as 918, but it's definitely not as pigmented as 909 or even 913. The formula is very similar to the rest of the lipsticks I've tried - it lasts for around 3 hours and leaves a nice stain after that. Personally, I love reapplying my lipstick during recess so this isn't a problem for me, but it might not be the best lipstick if you're looking for something more long lasting. It does not, however, cling to dry patches, so if you're worried about that, don't hesitate in buying this.

Overall, for 2,90€ (they're currently on sale for that, but they're usually 3,90€), it's another great lipstick to add to my collection and perfect for the sunnier days. Here's a swatch, where you can tell how creamy and somewhat sheer the lipstick is. I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to leave a comment!

Kiko Smart Lipstick '903' Review (+Swatches)

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