Kiko Velvet Mat Lipstick 604 Review (+ Swatches)

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Kiko Velvet Mat Lipstick 604 Review (+ Swatches)

Happy Monday everyone! So today I'm going to tell you all about the newest addition to my Kiko lipsticks, the Velvet Mat in the shade 604. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard me talking about how I purchased the wrong shade, even though I swatched the right one. Apparently, they had placed the sample on the wrong column, so even though I did try on the right shade, I picked up the wrong one. Technical difficulties aside, I do love this lipstick, even though the shade isn't suited for everyone, especially if you're not a bold lip kind of gal.

The Velvet Mat lipsticks are a bit more expensive than the Smart lipsticks, which I rave about so often. However, they do offer a much better colour range and also a very nice matte finish. The one thing they sadly do not offer, is a good colour payoff. As you can see from the swatch beneath, one swipe won't be enough to give you all the colour you need, but it's definitely buildable. This might be perfect for those of you who aren't looking for a heavier lip, especially when it comes to the nude and pink shades. On the other hand, if you're looking for a bolder colour, like orange or red, you might not want to apply the lipstick over and over to get the bold colour effect.

Kiko Velvet Mat Lipstick 604 Review (+ Swatches)

As for the staying power, it's definitely not one of the best. Without eating or drinking, it can last around three to four hours, so it's not long lasting. Then again, the product doesn't claim to be so. If you're one who doesn't mind reapplying your lipstick, then this isn't an issue. If you'd like to not check your mirror every hour to make sure the colour is still standing strong, this might not be the best matte lipstick for you.

One thing that did surprise me, however, was the formula. For a matte lipstick, it's surprisingly comfortable on the lips, barely even drying them. For someone with already dry lips like myself, this was perfect. This does impact the finish, making it not as "powdery matte" as some other lipsticks out there, but I always did like this finish a lot better for matte lips, since it actually makes your lips look healthy instead of a drying desert.

All in all, I do recommend this lipstick, but if you can, try buying the shade 605, which is the one I originally tried at the store. It's a darker orange, a lot more wearable than 604, that might look slightly too neon in certain lighting. However, if all the other lipsticks in this range are like this one, you can expect me to buy a lot more in the future!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to leave a comment with your feedback and questions :)

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