Look for Less: Leigh Anne Pinnock 'Get Weird' Launch Party


Look for Less: Leigh Anne Pinnock 'Get Weird' Launch Party

It's been a while since my last Look For Less! I've been itching to make a new post, but it takes a lot of time to gather up five outfits at once, so I decided to bring back this beloved series of mine with a twist. Every week, I'll post two separate looks for less, plus one of my regular beauty posts. This way, I'm finally bringing back more fashion posts into the blog while also upping my post number per week. So without further blabbering, here's today's look for less!

You probably already know how much I love Little Mix, and lately Leigh Anne has been slaying everyday when it comes to her personal style. It has really matured over the years and right now it's pure perfection. As soon as I saw this shot of her at Get Weird's launch party (by the way, how freaking amazing is the album??), I knew I'd die to wear something like that - hence why I'm making a look for less, because I'm sure a lot of you felt the same way!

Starting with the easiest, I actually have the link to her exact lace bra, from Asos, which is actually pretty affordable! At only 13.96€ thanks to the sale, there's no reason why you shouldn't go for an exact, am I right?

Moving onto the button up shirt, I found this one from Boohoo, which is only 24€. It's oversized and the collar matches Leigh's to a T.

As for the trousers, these ones from Missguided are a pretty good match, plus they're 35€. Not too expensive for that style of pants, I believe.

Finally, came the hardest part of the whole look: the shoes. Leigh Anne is wearing her beloved Eugenie Embossed Leather Platform Sandals from Charlotte Olympia, which are too unique to ever find a perfect match. However, I did find a similar pattern on these sandals from G.J.L. which are 44$. They're not really a close match, but they're the best I could find.

Overall, this whole outfit would cost you around 116.96€. As for Leigh's original outfit, it would cost you a whopping 2235€, so you're way under budget with mine.

If you liked this post, make sure to let me know in the comments and don't be afraid to request a particular celebrity or outfit for my next Look For Less!

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