October Empties


October Empties

As the season changes, I find myself finishing up products quicker, just in time to change up most of my routine as my skin's needs change with it. Personally, I'm not one to actually finish many products. Even with daily use, my makeup usually lasts longer than I should keep it, and the only products I finish up are skin care related, since I use them twice everyday. Somehow, over the month of October I stored enough empties to make a post about it, so here it is!

October Empties

I bought this way back in April (featured in this haul) and I've used it carefully, since the package only brings 22ml. I found that this worked especially well with my under eye circles - it did soften them in colour, but didn't erase them completely. However, it didn't do anything for my redness as it claimed to. Overall, I do like this product and it helped me use a lot less concealer when I used it, but I'm not sure I'll repurchase it right away. I'm probably going to try some other primers before I go back to this.

It's no secret I adore Kiko's nail polishes - they're pigmented, long lasting and very glossy in finish. This little gem, Ginger Pink, was the very first one I bought right as Summer started (you can see in this haul) and it was my go-to for the whole season. Although it doesn't look like it's empty, there's absolutely no more use I could get out of it. I think you can't really beat that price/quality combo and I'll definitely buy more in the future!

I've been a fan of the Baby Lips for years now, but this was the first time I tried this shade and I absolutely love it! It's the ideal no makeup lip product that gives you no real colour but a gorgeous shine to the lips that makes them look hydrated and plump. I found myself using this nonstop, so much so that it only took a month to end this tube. Definitely buying another one ASAP, but I'm not sure which shade I'll buy next.

Sadly, this was a huge miss for me. The only reason why I finished it all up was because of my stubbornness and reluctance to go out and spend my money of a different hairspray. Yes, despite the name, this is a hairspray, claiming to be a level 4 extra strong hold. In all honesty, it couldn't be further from it. Besides leaving my hair feeling very crunchy like some heavier hairsprays tend to do, it didn't hold a curl for longer than three hours, which is just awful. The only pro is the smell, that didn't leave my hair until I washed it, but then again, I wasn't looking for a hair perfume!

October Empties

I bought this too long ago, I should have probably thrown it away already, but I recently found the perfect use for it - baking my makeup! I was a bit skeptical about the technique, considering I have dry skin and caking on powder sounds like the opposite of what I'd want to do. Believe it or not, I'm converted and this beauty is the perfect, affordable way to prevent your under eye area from creasing. I'm not a big fan of using this powder all over my face, since I find it leaves an unflattering finish, so I'll stick to using it to bake my makeup.

Although I've said time and time again that my skin is dry, it does tend to go combo during the Summer time, especially in my t-zone. That's when I bought this toner, in the hopes it would help even out my skin and also refresh it for the hot summer days. Honestly, I'm a fan, but I know this is a seasonal pick for me - despite claiming to be hydrating, it's not nearly as much as my dry skin needs it to be. I might reach for these during summer 2016, but for now, I'll stick with more hydrating toners for the cold months ahead.

H&M Concealer (Discontinued)

This isn't quite empty, more like too dried out for me to use it. In all honesty, I'm so happy this was discontinued, because it was a big mess. No pigmentation whatsoever, the shade was too heavy on the pink undertones and it didn't even highlight my under eye area properly. I remember paying a little bit over 5€ for this and I regretted it on the spot. Then again, this was from H&M's old makeup range, so I'm hoping their new one is a big improvement!

I was always very wary of powders, since they tended to leave a cakey finish on my very dry skin - that is, until I bought this compact miracle. Although the shade was the tiniest bit dark for me, I still made it work and it even made lighter foundations match me perfectly! It doesn't cake, goes on like a dream and it makes you look like you're not wearing any powder. It also made my makeup last longer and it prevented my concealer from creasing. Obviously, I need to run to the store and buy another one, because I honestly can't find anything else like this to set my makeup.

If you read my review on this lipstick (here), then you already know how much I'm in love with this lipstick. It's the perfect MLBB - not too matte, not too glossy. Perfect to carry on the go, since you don't need a mirror to apply it. Overall, this is the first lipstick I finished in a very long time and I can't wait to pick up a new one next time I go shopping, because I really can't live without it in my purse!

I did a review back in March when I got this mascara (find it here) and my thoughts on it have changed slightly. I'm still head over heels for it, no doubt about that, but I did find it easier to use as it got slightly dry. The formula itself was very wet, which could be troublesome to work with if you don't have a delicate yet steady hand, but towards the end of its lifespan, I didn't have any issues with the application - or maybe I just got better at applying it? Either way, this was my holy grail mascara ever since I bought it and I will also repurchase it in the future, because it's just too good to pass on.

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