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Go To Fall Lipsticks | Wet N Wild Mega Last Cherry Bomb, Spiked Rum, Mocha-licious

Every year I struggle to find the ideal fall and winter lipstick to wear on an everyday basis. With work or uni, I couldn't always wear a bold vampy lip, so I had to make due with the same old neutral lipsticks I wore the rest of the year. This year, however, I discovered the Mega Last lipsticks by Wet N Wild and I knew right off the bat that I had found wearable fall lip colours.

I'm going to spare you my thoughts on these, since I already review one of them earlier this year on this post. Although I bought two new shades this month, I find the finish, wear time and colour pay off all the same, so it wouldn't make sense to ramble on about them again in a new review.

Whenever I need a "no fuss, everyday lip" that can still pass as appropriate for work or school, I go with Spiked With Rum. It's a lovely dark, mauve pink that you can wear for any occasion. I find it the easiest to apply out of all of them, since the colour isn't as dark, but it's not exactly easy enough to apply without a mirror, so be careful.

Whenever I feel like going a bit more bold, but still not full on vamp, I reach for Mocha-licious, a cool toned brown with hints of pink. It's the perfect 90's lip, not dark enough to look like you smeared chocolate all over your lips and not light enough to wash you out. In my opinion, it could work as a lovely nude lip for darker skin tones, while giving fair girls like me a retro vibe.

Finally, whenever I want to feel confident, I reach for Cherry Bomb, a deep red with purple undertones. Definitely the hardest to apply due to its rich colour payoff, but it's damn worth it once it's on the lips. It's the perfect colour for those of you who want to take a risk but don't want to pay 20€ for an infamous MAC lipstick.

The Wet N Wild lippies are only 2.99€ and there's plenty of other shades to pick from - many of which I already got my eye on! In case my colour description wasn't at its best (which is totally understandable since I quite suck at it), here's some swatches to help you get a better feel of the colours.

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick Swatches | Cherry Bomb, Spiked Rum, Mocha-licious

From L-R: Spiked With Rum, Cherry Bomb, Mocha-licious

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