Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze & Brighten Review

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Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze & Brighten Rave Review

Lately, I'm all about saving up time when it comes to putting on makeup. Months ago, you'd see me get up an hour earlier to get ready. Now, I tend to have some much deserved sleep in that hour before I actually think of putting my makeup on. Maybe it's something that comes with age, or maybe it's just my ridiculous procrastination skills, who knows? The bottom line is, I'm now all about these "all in one" type of products that are a big time saver, just like this Makeup Revolution palette.

I'm a massive MUR fan (I'm still obsessed with their Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette), so this was way up high on my wishlist. I finally got it a couple of weeks ago and decided now would be the perfect time to review it.

Even if my makeup routine is fairly minimal on an everyday basis, this little gem is still ever so present since it helps give some subtle dimension and bring back some colour to my face after I apply my base products, Since I'm fairly pale with yellow/neutral undertones, I decided to pick the shade "Rave", which was highly recommended for fair girls in most reviews I read before purchasing this.

It's a nearly perfect colour match for my complexion -- the bronzer isn't too orange nor too dark, the blush adds a nice tint of healthy colour to my cheeks and the highlighter is to DIE for. Overall, a perfect match, if you're not intending to contour with this (the bronzer isn't nearly dark enough for that).

The bronzer is really subtle yet matte, in a "the sun actually showed up today" kind of way. You can tell the bronzer is definitely there, but it's hard to apply too much of this to the point where you look like you smeared mud all over your cheeks (we pale girls have all been there before). However, if you actually have somewhat of a tan, I doubt this particular shade will do anything for you.

The blush is also matte but, unlike the bronzer, very pigmented. Definitely apply this with a light hand or a duo-fiber brush, or else you'll have no way to fix over applying this. As much as you try to blend it away, it doesn't do so easily, so you might have to reach for your foundation brush/sponge to blend everything in better. Even though it's not as easy and forgiving to apply as the bronzer, it has quickly become my favourite blush in my collection and I wear it nearly everyday.

Finally, the highlighter is just a dream. Pigmented, easy to blend, glowy but not glittery. What more can you wish for in a highlighter? As a dry skin girl, I love me some highlighter and this works everywhere -- nose, cheekbones, cupid's bow, under the brow, chin, etc. And the best part is that it's forgiving to the point where dusting this everywhere won't make you look like a disco ball. Instead, you will look like you belong in the VS fashion show.

Longevity wise, the highlighter lasts the longest (the whole day, to be honest) and the bronzer fades the fastest (five hours tops) -- the blush is comfortably somewhere in the middle. The only real complain I have towards this palette is the packaging. You might not notice it in the picture, but the mirror completely came off thanks to the glue having dried down. It was already like that when it arrived home, so I'm not sure I got a faulty packaging or if it's an overall issue with these palettes.

Still, this is an amazing compact to just throw into your beauty bag in case you're in a rush and actually look like you made an effort, all while on the go. For the price (I got it for 4.95€ on Maquillalia) and quality of the products, I give it two thumbs up and definitely recommend this for everyone (although tanned or dark skin girls might need to take a look at the other shades).

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