Spring Makeup Favourites

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It's finally getting warmer in Portugal, which is both a great and terrible thing. On one side, it means I can finally ditch the heavy coats. On the other side, my makeup has a lot more trouble lasting throughout the day without melting off. Since I have dry skin, the usual dewy finish foundations I use aren't cutting it when the weather is getting nicer, so I need to change things up in my routine to get a long lasting result. And since I'm primarily going to work on most days then coming back home, I don't need super fancy makeup on a daily basis, so less is definitely more.

Today I'm sharing some of my favourites for these warmer days, when vampy lips aren't really calling for me like they do in the colder months. Mind you, makeup is all about expressing yourself, so if you still wanna rock a dark purple lip and a dark smokey eye on a regular basis, I'm not here to stop you! I'm just sharing what works best for me and my everyday environment (working in an office setting, I can't exactly go all out with makeup like I did in my uni days).

Starting off with my base, I've fell back in love with the Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. Although I've had my fair share of critique towards this product in previous posts, I think I finally found a way to make it work. It definitely applies way better with my BrushArt beauty sponge than with a brush (though something tells me it has more to do with how freaking amazing that sponge is than the fact it's just a beauty sponge -- seriously, this one will make any foundation blend like a dream). Not to mention that it doesn't emphasise dry patches like before since the weather is warmer and my skin isn't as dry as it usually is during winter.

Moving onto brows, everyone knows about my long lasting romance with the Essence Make Me Brow. It's absolutely perfect in consistency, colour and longevity -- plus it's ridiculously inexpensive. If you're worried about finding an affordable brown eyebrow gel that doesn't look too red on you, then hurry up and grab this one up. It gives a little bit of color and fullness to your brows without making them look over the to, aka perfect for those lazy days when you don't feel like filling in your brows but still want something there.

As for the cheeks, I'm increasingly ditching the bronzer and instead focusing on blusher and highlighter to bring some colour and dimension back to my face. And although I gave this Catrice blusher a hard time in the past, I do still really like it. In case you're not familiar with this one, it's the Catrice Illuminating Blush in the shade 010 "I am Nuts About You" which, in fact, isn't illuminating in the slightest -- hence my previous big beef with it. It did appear to be coated with fine milded gold specks at first, but that was only on the surface of the pan -- after three or four uses, the specks were gone and you're left with what you see in the picture. A very regular, muted pink blusher. It's still an amazing blusher altogether, I just wish they didn't advertise it as something it's not!

Finally, I've reached back into my enormous lipstick collection and dug out this little gem I wore pretty much all summer last year. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in the shade Rose Tweed is a great all around colour for every skin tone, I can't think of someone who won't be able to rock this shade. Plus it's incredibly creamy and pigmented, so you really can't miss with this one. A classic MLBB shade, perfect for spring.

Of course, I don't just reach for this in an everyday spring makeup routine, but these are the key pieces. Things such as concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow greatly depend on my mood rather than the season, so it didn't feel fit to include them in this post, but you know for a fact I can't spend a day without mascara!

What are your spring makeup favourites? Do you change up your routine depending on the season, or do you just stick to one solid look throughout the year?

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  1. That Bourjois lipstick sounds amazing!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

    1. It was such a bargain as well! It's usually around 15€ here but I got it on sale for 5€ x