Lefties Clothing Birthday Haul


May will definitely be the month of hauls on this blog, considering my birthday was on the 26th of April and, well, a lot of online shopping was done on that week! To start off nice and easy, I decided to share this small clothing haul that was actually in store rather than online. I was mainly focusing on having enough basics to last me through the Spring/Summer seasons - not to mention finding minimalist pieces that could work well with just about anything.

Lefties is a favourite store of mine, though I find it that you really have to dig around to find the hidden gems (much like with H&M). After a lot of time spent browsing their website, I finally came to terms with purchasing only three key pieces - a basic t-shirt, a black pencil skirt and some running shoes.

The t-shirt (link) was on sale for 3.50€, a real bargain considering how soft the fabric was, without being see through like so many cheap t-shirts! I was initially searching for a white one, but finding one that didn't show my bra right through turned out to be a nearly impossible task. I settled on this dark orange colour instead (the urge to use blood orange was strong, but I digress). It's great for this time of the year, plus it's versatile enough to wear during the warmer Fall days in the future.

The running shoes (link) are definitely the star of the show at only a whopping 15.99€ - quite affordable considering how comfortable they feel and how trendy they look. I love the leather details the most, making them stand out without looking too over the top. I've been really into the whole running shoes trend and these work perfectly without spending a ridiculous amount on some Nike Roshe Run!

Finally, the skirt (link) was only 10€ - a reasonable price for a skirt of this type. I actually already own one of these in a striped pattern, so I knew how amazing they felt and looked on me, making it a sure hit. Honestly though, at first I wasn't a big fan of midi skirts, fearing they'd make me look wider than I really am. Oddly enough, these bodycon ones are all I see myself wearing lately, either paired up with a baggy sweatshirt and some sneakers or with a t-shirt tucked in and some sandals. Overall, you can't go wrong with a ribbed black midi skirt, especially not at this price (not to mention you can wear it pretty much any season, even in those warmer Winter days).

All in all, I'm extremely happy with this little haul that should get me by while I wait for the rest of my purchases to arrive at my doorstep. The next one should be an Asos beauty haul, coming next week, so stay tuned for that! I will, however, try to space out the hauls so they don't clog up my blogging schedule, because I know they might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite item from this haul is and which clothing items are on your current Spring/Summer wishlist!

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