A Pre-Birthday Beauty Haul


Last weekend, I was searching for something new to wear tomorrow on my birthday - and knowing me, it was obvious I wouldn't just leave the mall without buying some extra makeup bits! This time around I kept it very simple and only bought some essentials.

First off, I stopped by the drugstore and bought the Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and the Essence Brow Designer in the shade Blonde. I already own one of these brow pencils in the shade Brown, but now that my hair is blonde, I needed something lighter to help balance out my brows. As for the eyeliner, I've been really digging winged liner for my everyday makeup look and I heard so many great reviews on this product that, for such a low price, I had to snatch it up. All I can say is that this eyeliner doesn't go anywhere, no matter how humid or hot my workplace gets! Safe to say I'm head over heels for this little gem and won't be ditching my winged liner efforts so soon.

It was impossible not to stop by Sephora, especially since I knew they were having a sale of Formula X nail polishes, which usually retail for 13€, but were actually on sale for only 2€. I ended up picking up the shade Rush, a lovely brown shade with finely milled gold shimmer running through. Even though this is my first time trying out Formula X nail polishes (or any nail polishes with such a hefty price tag, at that) I can say I would definitely pay full price for these. They dry beautifully, stay on the nails for the longest time and you don't need more than two coats for full coverage. Dare I say these are close competition for my favourite nail polishes ever, the Kiko ones which are also super affordable. I will be sure to treat myself to another one of these in the future!

While looking for something to wear on Primark, I stumbled across their false lashes, which I've also heard amazing things about. My birthday dinner seemed like the perfect opportunity to try my luck at false lashes for the very first time, so I picked up their Sultry lashes for only 1.50€. They come with glue and everything, plus they look dramatic enough for a night out without looking overdone (considering this is a family dinner, after all).

The final product, a Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Foundation in the shade Ivory, was actually a gift from a friend of mine who bought the wrong shade, which turned out to be the nearly perfect shade for me! Since my skin has been getting oilier as the weather gets warmer, I've been needing a lot more powdering for my T zone, so I figured a matte foundation would help with that. All in all, I do really like this foundation. It has its pros and cons, but I will get further into that in an upcoming review. Just know for now that I would have definitely bought it and once this one runs out, I will!

Finally, I did end up buying something to wear tomorrow out for dinner. I managed to find this beautiful blue suede button up skirt from H&M. It's the perfect colour for Spring, plus it fits really well (not to mention suede button up skirts are a big trend lately). You can find it here on their website, where they also have it in black, pink, denim, camel, bordeaux and white, so you have plenty to choose from!

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, if you have any questions or opinions, leave them down in the comments!

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  1. I've heard so many good things about the Essence eyeliner pen as well! I was thinking about buying it so I could wear it on my birthday next week and what you wrote just makes me want to buy it even more!

    1. It's insanely good, especially for under 3€! I'd recommend getting the waterproof version just in case, because it seems to last a lot longer than any regular eyeliner pen I've tried.