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I strongly believe everyone out there has a bit of a love/hate relationship with their brows. You can't live with them or without them, and finding that perfect balance between over plucked and unibrow is as fickle as my mood. Not to mention the definition of "good brows" is forever changing -- what a couple of decades ago was considered good is now considered a mortal sin. Personally, I was never blessed with extremely full brows, but I never went through any crazy overplucking moods either, so I'd say I have relatively good eyebrows. Not too full, not too sparse, enough to get by but, according to today's standards, could always use a little bit of extra filling.

Of course, brows (like any other beauty topic) is a very personal choice, so while you might enjoy having your brows au natural, others might prefer the instagram worthy look. With time, I've grown to enjoy filling in my brows a bit, mostly at the more sparse areas, but I do still recall the earlier ages of my makeup journey that had me genuinely terrified at the idea of filling my brows, too worried I'd overdo it or never make them look equal. In all honesty, it's not the three headed monster I made it out to be, and I've finally found myself at a really good place with my brow routine, to the point where I can't leave the house unless my eyebrows are on fleek. But if you're still worried over how to fill them out and shape them to your liking, I suggest reading up on this handy guide from In The Gloss. It's a great way to get down with the basics before you jump right into the handy work.

One of the most important steps of your brow routine, however, is having the right tools to work with, so I decided I was going to share with your some budget friendly options that will make any beginner look like a pro. You can use many different things to fill in your brows, including eyeshadow, but I feel like the easiest way to give yourself that natural but full look is to go with a pencil (eyeshadows can make things look a bit blocky if you're not careful, and let's be real, no beginner is). For those of you with a heavier hand, I suggest going with the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I have this in the shade Espresso and I honestly can't live without it. Like the name suggests, the tip of this pencil is extremely tiny, making it hard to overfill your brows in one go. Plus, this has a nice spoolie on the other side, so it makes for a great product to simply toss into your makeup bag and take with you whenever you might need to touch something up (though the pencil does stay on all day, so you won't have to unless you're sweating a lot).

In case you don't have a NYX store near you or you just don't want to spend that much on a pencil, Essence offers a lovely one as well. The spoolie is nothing special, but it will do the job. My biggest problem with this is the fact you have to sharpen the pencil, so it gets a bit trickier to get small hair like strokes, so it won't be the ideal tool for beginners. Despite everything, I did swear by this pencil before NYX finally opened a store in Portugal a month or so ago, so this will do the trick if you're on a tight budget, just make sure to sharpen it often!

Setting your brows might not be a must for everyone, but people with unruly brows will know the struggle of filling them in perfectly then having the whole thing busted because of your brow hairs going everywhere. The easiest solution to making your brows last is to use an eyebrow gel. Essence offers two choices, the first one being a clear gel that will only set them into place and the second one will also add a bit more colour and body into yours brows. They're both good choices, though I'm more of a fan of the Make Me Brow, since it's a bit more on the dry side. The clear gel always seems a bit more wet until it finally sets, but they both make yours brows last all day. If you have truly unruly brows, I'd say to go for the clear one, because it will lock them into place like no other (just make sure to wipe off the excess first, to avoid looking like you applied hair gel to your brows and you're good to go). They're both at a similar price point, the Born This Way being around 50 cents more expensive, so it's really up to what you're in need of.

All in all, you can find amazing brow products at a budget friendly price and I'm sure if you give it a little bit of time for trial and error, you can find your perfect combo that will make you feel a little bit more put together and secure when you walk out the door.

Don't forget to comment down below, let me know if you've tried any of this products or what your favourites are, since I'm always on the lookout for new products to try out!

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  1. That Micro pencil sounds awfully like the ABHs one, do you reckon it's similar? If so I need to try it out!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

    1. I never actually tried the ABH one, since the brand itself isn't sold anywhere in Portugal :( However I did hear a lot of other bloggers saying they were dupes, so it's definitely worth a try!

  2. Olá Sara, descobri o teu blog via instagram e devo confessar que estou super impressionada! Gosto imenso dos últimos posts e a tua escrita em Inglês é excelente e por tudo isto vou seguir o teu blog!

    Quanto ao post, fiquei muito interessada em experimentar o NYX Micro Brow Pencil, por ser tão comparado ao BROW WIZ da ABH, outro produto de sobrancelhas também muito falado e que é considerado dupe do DIPBROW Pomade (ABH) é o Tame&Frame da NYX, que já experimentei, e dá às sobrancelhas aquele look de instagram..falo sobre ele no meu post
    NYX Almada | HAUL, passa por lá ;)
    Beijinhos, NANA blog

    1. Olá Ana! Primeiro que tudo, muito obrigada por seguires o blog, é sempre bom saber que quando estou a escrever, alguém se vai dar ao trabalho de o ler quando há tanta coisa pela internet fora para fazer e ver :)

      É um produto fantástico, muito delicado em textura e aplicação, ao contrário de muitos dos lápis para sobrancelhas mais em conta que já experimentei. Ainda não tive a oportunidade de experimentar o Tame&Frame, no entanto só oiço resenhas positivas. É sem dúvida algo que quero experimentar no futuro, esperemos que bem próximo ;)

    2. Acho que se nos "dermos ao trabalho" de ler os posts de outros bloggers, estamos a valorizar o trabalho e dedicação que a pessoa teve! E vê-se claramente nos comentários quem leu o post e quem só quer deixar o link..isto é algo por que todos nós, bloggers, passamos diariamente. Por isso, dou-me ao trabalho de ler e apreciar o post antes de comentar :D

      Quero imenso experimenta-lo! Experimentei produtos mais em conta que, sinceramente, foram um desperdício de tempo e dinheiro, por isso já não compro nada antes de ver algumas reviews :P

      New post: Look da Semana #5
      NANA blog

    3. É sempre bom poder contar com o feedback dos nossos leitores, especialmente quando contribuem para a discussão de certo tópico ou nos ajudam a conhecer novos produtos. Muito obrigada pela honestidade!

      Tornou-se rapidamente um dos meus produtos essenciais, recomendo plenamente :) É sem dúvida um hábito meu também, procurar resenhas e imagens que ilustrem bem a cor e consistência dos produtos, para saber se realmente vale a pena. Todo o dinheiro deve ser bem gasto, na minha opinião, por isso nunca gasto nem um euro sem ter algumas certezas de que posso vir a adorar o produto. Obviamente, azares acontecem, mas regra geral fico satisfeita com as minhas comprinhas!