Weekly Outfit Inspiration #2


Never fear, for weekly outfit inspiration is here! Long overdue, I know, but just in time for a three day weekend here in Portugal, so I should have plenty of time to get my one post per week schedule up and going now that vacation time is over. If you're not familiar with Weekly Outfit Inspiration, I'm basically sharing with you seven looks from bloggers and celebrities I adore, that will hopefully serve as some much needed outfit inspo for the upcoming week! Weather wise, Portugal has been struck with a massive heat wave (the type that forces you to walk around the house in a bikini even though you live in the city, for the fear you'll melt if you dare to put on shorts and a t-shirt), so all of this week's outfits prioritize keeping your body cool while also being appropriate for work. So if you're struggling to find something to wear when all you really wanna put on is a bikini, scroll down for some outfit inspiration!


Look by Julie Sariñana from Sincerely Jules


Look by Lucy Williams from Fashion On Me Now


Look by Amy Ramirez from Toks


Look by Lydia Rose from Fashion Influx


Look by Tiffany Jais from Flaunt and Center


Look by Emily Ratajkowski


Look by Victoria Törnegren from Victoria Törnegren

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