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As you all may know, I'm not one to usually write up monthly favourites. I love reading those kinds of posts, but I always feel like I don't diversify enough throughout a month to come up with new favourites every single time, so I always postpone it. Lately, though, I really felt like there were some products worth mentioning in a post like this, so here we are, discussing some of my favourites products at the moment!

If you remember, I bought this toner along with a handful of affordable skin care items all the way back in January (link to haul post). I have since been trying it out on a nearly daily basis and I've seen it act throughout the seasons, whether my skin was more on the dry side or on the combination side of the spectrum, and I realised how much I adore this toner. Don't get me wrong, it's no miracle worker, not does it truly claim to be one. It's simply a really nice extra step in my otherwise minimalist skin care routine - it helps take off any small bits of makeup that my cleanser might have missed, plus it really did soothe my skin a lot back during summer, whenever I was out in the sun for long periods of time. I also reckon it does keep your skin hydrated without being greasy, so great for all skin types, just like the brand claims. For such a small price and such a large amount of product, I'd recommend getting it, as long as you're not looking for something life changing (plus the smell is still something you have to grow used to, just like I mentioned back when I first bought it). It will do its job and keep you happy, so there's nothing more I can ask for at this point!

A cult favourite and one of mine as well! If I'm being one hundred percent honest, I prefer the formula and the feel of the Nivea micellar water (for sensitive skin) over the Garnier one, but considering you get half the amount of product for the same price, I usually pick up the Garnier one for the sake of being practical. I do find that the Garnier one can be a bit more on the oilier side, so it can be great when removing eye makeup or a particularly matte lip product that just won't come off, but I also feel like it can strip my already dry skin of some of the oils it so desperately needs, something the Nivea one does not do. So, although there's pros and cons to both (something I might just address separately in an upcoming post, I do believe you get a better deal with the Garnier micellar water, which is why it's made its way to my favourites before the Nivea one!

Ebay Brush Cleaning Mat - 1.17£

This has been a godsend when it comes to cleaning my brushes. I am a very lazy person when it comes down to this particular subject, especially since I own a lot of brushes and use almost every single one on a weekly basis, so cleaning every single one can be a hassle. This, however, helped slim down the time I spend on brush cleansing duty dramatically. It won't do the job with denser brushes, since it won't deep cleanse, but everything else it will clean in a matter of seconds. If you're a lazy one like me or you simply can't justify spending more on a cleansing mat simply for its brand, definitely give Ebay a try! Sadly, this particular product is no longer available from the seller I purchased it from (just like I mentioned in my Ebay haul post), I do still believe you will find very similar products on Ebay for a similar price and quality ratio.

Last but certainly not least, I couldn't go without mentioning my favourite lip product of the moment - the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. As of right now, I only have this shade, but I already have a massive wishlist of every other shade I'll sooner or later add onto my collection (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London are up next). There is just something about this formula that is simply perfect for those of you with drier lips like mine. These won't dry them out or feel uncomfortable throughout the day, plus they will last quite a long time if you're not eating or drinking! The pigmentation is also amazing and the application is very forgiving - it's not like other matte liquid lipsticks that once they set, whatever mistakes you make will stay there unless you bring out the big guns to remove the whole thing and start again. It will mostly wear off after a meal or a drink, since it's not particularly long lasting in that aspect, but it comes off evenly, which makes it very easy to reapply afterwards without worrying about making a bigger mess. I seriously cannot rave about this product enough, it's the perfect one if you're a beginner to the whole liquid lipstick scene and you're too afraid to spend a lot of money on something like ABH or Kat Von D when you're not sure how you're going to respond to these kinds of lipsticks.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, please let me know what your experiences were, so that the people who later read this post have more information on how these products work for different people! I hope you're having a great week so far and I'll see you all on Sunday with a new chatty post.

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