Weekly Outfit Inspiration #5

by - 18:39

Remember how I was complaining about the rain last week? Well, this week, it got even worse. Besides the downpours, the temperatures are finally starting to drop, which means I'm getting to break out all of my sweaters, much to my pleasure! So for this week's outfit inspiration, I'm showing you lots of ways to keep warm, while still avoiding the rain most days, never forgetting those chunky sweaters we all adore this time of the year. As always, let me know which outfit was your favourite and I'll see you on Thursday with a beauty post about affordable liquid lipsticks. Also, let me know what you think of the new blog design, I hope you like it!


Look by Aylin Koenig from Instagram


Look via Vogue Spain


Look by Ann Kim from Andy Heart


Look by Talisa Sutton from Badlands


Look by Daniela Ramirez Nouel from Nany's Klozet


Look by Patrícia Batatas from Peexo


Look by Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now

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