Sunday Chatty Post #4

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Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely week (and if you didn't, don't worry, there will surely be better ones ahead!). This week's chatty post will be mainly dedicated to my trip to In Beauty today. 

For those of you who don't know, In Beauty is an event where you get to see tons of different brands and special offers and this year it even featured Nyx, which was a big deal for me since the only store in Portugal isn't necessary close (plus you have to pay a bridge toll to get there) so it can get a bit expensive to plan trips there just for the sake of getting some goodies from Nyx - and worse, the demand is so high you rarely ever see the most popular shades, like London or Abu Dhabi from the Soft Matte Lip Cream range. Nevertheless, my friend had two VIP tickets and we decided to visit In Beauty today before starting another busy week of balancing work and university.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen the picture of all of the swatches I did at the Nyx stand, yet I didn't end up buying anything, much to my dismay. Unlike all other stands, Nyx's was the only one that didn't accept payments in cash, so it was a real hassle to try and find an ATM at a Sunday, past 3pm, where me and my friend could deposit the money to actually return and get our hands on those lip shades we've been dying to own (aka the Liquid Suede liquid lipstick in the shade Sandstorm, for one). Unfortunately, we couldn't find any nearby, so we tried our best not to sulk and redirected our attention to the bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics, which we both grabbed a handful to drown our sorrows in.

I'm just very disappointed that Nyx didn't think this decision through. A lot of younger girls were at that event, many of which I'm sure didn't even have bank accounts to begin with, so expecting everybody to pay with a card was just a big strain, even more so if you were one of the few that attended the event (to which you have to buy a ticket to get into) only to purchase goodies from Nyx. In the very least, they should have warned us of this detail beforehand, considering they were the exception to the rule across all of the booths we visited. Personally, I had been set on getting Sandstorm and Club Hopper from the Liquid Suede range, plus Dubai from the Soft Matte range - three products that now have to go on my enormous Nyx wishlist, in the vain hope they will be available when I manage to stop by their store (and I say this with many reservations, considering there hasn't been one time Sandstorm was available in the last three times I visited the store).

Besides that little fiasco, we had an amazing time. It was a very nice gathering that I'd definitely visit again (with the company of my card, of course). There was really nothing bad to point out to the event itself, though we only stayed for two hours because very loud music plus crowds equals major headaches for the two of us. I do recommend you visit one of these whenever you get the chance, just be a bit more careful than we were so you can be prepared for these kinds of bumps in the road!

As for the rest of my week, it's been pretty good! Nothing too important to share, though I'm beyond excited for Glory Days and I can't be the only one, right? I am already 1000% in love with the album and it hasn't even debuted yet! Plus, how freaking amazing was Shoutout To My Ex?! Excuse me while I fangirl all night, just like I did when Niall performed at Graham Norton.

If you went to In Beauty or you're just as excited for Little Mix and Niall, let me know in the comments below! I hope you have an amazing week ahead and I'll be back tomorrow at 9am sharp with a Weekly Style Inspiration post to get you through this rainy week we have up ahead!

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