Look For Less: Bella Hadid

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Today I'm bringing you three outfits inspired by the lovely Bella Hadid and some inexpensive alternatives to achieve each look. Personally, I prefer Bella's personal style over Gigi's, so I decided to start off with her (also because her outfits are so easy to recreate with affordable brands, it's ridiculous, really). They're a mix of 90's fashion, with a little bit of a grunge feel to some of her outfits and a whole lot of glam to some others. The key, though, is to be as comfortable as possible while still looking good and fashionable, in an effortless way only Bella can truly pull off.

For the first look, I picked something perfect for those warm fall days when it's hot enough to wear a t-shirt dress but cold enough to want to cover up your legs a bit better with some over the knee boots. I personally love looks like these and I find that the easiest way to get a relaxed, baggy fit like Bella has is to shop in the men's section (not to mention the price will be a lot nicer as well). So, to achieve this look, you can pick out a t-shirt like this one from Pull&Bear (they usually have up to XXL/XXXL so most of us can find a t-shirt that is long enough to cover all of our necessary bits, no worries!). As for the boots, the most affordable ones I could find were these from Zara, though if you want ones with the same leather effect as Bella's you'll definitely have to splurge purely because you'll want good quality fake leather that will actually last you a long time.

The second look is a typical fall outfit for us lazy college girls that still want to look presentable. The infamous mom jeans make an appearance, a style I truly adore but since I have a wider build I have difficulty finding the perfect pair. However, these from Pull&Bear have been the best ones so far, accentuating all of the right spots while disguising the ones you'd rather not remember they even exist. The top is rather basic, any black long sleeved shirt will do, be it a body or one you already have in your closet, so I didn't include any options because it's such a basic piece. Just make sure you tuck in it like Bella did and you should be fine! Finally, for the boots, I picked these out from Pull&Bear as well, since they matched hers pretty well while also staying rather affordable.

The final look is, again, perfect for this time of year. For those of you that are already struggling with lower temperatures, a bomber jacket is still a must in everyone's closet and I think this one from Zara is too good to pass on. As for her mom jeans, the ones from the previous outfit will work just fine, simply rip the knees a little bit if you prefer that look or just skip it altogether and keep yourself warm! As for the sneakers, these from Pull&Bear are a pretty close match. You do lose the white details but you still keep the same material in both pairs, plus the creeper-esque soles, so it's still a win for such a low price, I reckon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little look for less and if there's any other Bella outfits (or other celebrity outfits) you'd like to see looks for less for, just leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to get them done!

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