Jordana Matte Lipsticks — Review & Swatches


Amaze In Style: Jordana Matte Lipsticks — Review & Swatches

I've come a very far way from the girl who used to hate wearing lipstick. I was a lip balm kind of gal, even lip glosses were a real pain in my behind considering I used to have rather long hair and live in a rather windy climate fifty percent of the year. The main reason why I struggled to enjoy wearing lipstick was due to my very dry lips, that never seemed to ease the application process and made me look like a patchy mess (mind you, this was when I was in my mid teens). Thankfully, I have since discovered the world of lip scrubs and Vaseline.

Matte lipsticks were an even bigger challenge to overcome, considering dry lips and dry lipsticks aren't exactly a match made in heaven. However, the latest craze over liquid lipsticks really had me pinning for drier formulas, because I loved the look of a liquid lip, plus it seemed like a much more convenient way of applying lipstick, in my opinion. Since it seems like I was born with dry lips, the dry feeling didn't particularly bother me, just as long as the lipsticks wore well and didn't look like a hot mess when I tried to apply them.

If it wasn't for the liquid lipstick trend, I probably would have never even tried a regular matte lipstick such as the Jordana ones. The good thing about trying new things, though, is that sometimes you are pleasantly surprised — and that was exactly what happened with these bargains.

They are ridiculously affordable (back when I purchased them from Maquillalia, they were on sale for 1.99€, but they currently retail for 2.29€), which meant the stakes weren't exactly high to start with. Even if I didn't love them, I wouldn't have splurged a ridiculous amount only to get seriously disappointed. That's why I ended up buying five lipsticks at a time — Lavender Lady, Classic Nude, Taupe, Natural and Blushed.

Even though my expectations weren't particularly high, these lipsticks completely blew me away. The pigmentation is amazing, one swipe will do the job perfectly. The wear time isn't bad either, they don't necessarily feel drying on the lips either (then again, take that with a pinch of salt, since my tolerance is pretty high). The application itself could be a tad smoother, since it will grab onto any dry patches I might have, but for the most part it's a very forgiving formula. My only pet peeve is that it doesn't feel as buttery as I would have preferred, but then again, it is a matte lip, so maybe I'm just being high maintenance. Also, if you're like me and find them a bit on the drier side, just heat them up slightly with a lighter before application and it will go on much smoother!

Amaze In Style: Jordana Matte Lipsticks — Review & Swatches

And now for the best part: swatches! From top to bottom we have Classic Nude (a very muted nudey pink shade with brown undertones), Blushed (a true pink), Lavender Lady (a pastel lilac shade that isn't as neon as it appears on the picture), Taupe (the perfect brown nude) and Natural (a peachy nude shade, very similar to Bare It All by Wet N Wild on the lips).

Overall, these lipsticks are a real bargain, but they don't sacrifice their quality in return for the low price point. The colours are lovely as well (Taupe being my absolute favourite nude for Fall), just be careful since some might be very similar. Personally, I will definitely get some more shades in a future haul — I already have my eyes on Brazil, Terra Cotta, Rio and 5th Ave.

What about you? Have you tried any of the Jordana Matte Lipsticks before? If so, let me know which shades I should get next; if not, let me know which of these were your favourites!

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