Loving Lately: Becca Glow On The Go in Opal

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I always admired Becca Cosmetics from afar. For the longest time, it wasn't available in Portugal, so I never had the chance to do much else besides ogling the swatches all over Pinterest and Instagram. For someone with dry skin like me, highlight can be a double-edged sword: the wrong consistency can cling to dry patches and enhance said dryness even further, but the right formula will do wonders to bring back some much needed glow to my otherwise dull skin.

Before giving Becca's kit a go, I only used creamy highlighters, because those seemed to blend the best for me (Barry M's Radiant Rod, cheeky name aside, is one of my absolute favourite highlighters of all time). The thought of powder highlighters always did call out to me, since it gave a more intense finish that cream highlighters can't provide, but due to my dry skin I feared the two wouldn't go hand in hand.

It wasn't until Becca finally made an appearance at Sephora here in Lisbon that I decided to get my hands on this duo, since it was the only product available in store from the entire Becca Cosmetics range: the Glow On The Go Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Opal. It was love at first sight and first wear, despite the shade being a smidge too dark for someone as fair as I am.

In this kit you will find two mini sized versions of both the liquid (5ml) and powder (2.4g) version of the Shimmering Skin Perfector and it retails for around 20€ here in Portugal. Since a little goes a long way with both of these products, I think you're definitely getting your money's worth. In case you're curious, the full sized version of the liquid retails for around 35€ for 50ml on Becca's website and the powder retails for around 32€ for 8gr.

Opal is a lovely light gold shade with a hint of rose gold, which is what makes it darker if you go in with a heavier hand, hence why sometimes it didn't look as natural on my rather fair skin tone. Moonstone, which looks lighter from the swatches I've seen online, would have probably been my perfect shade, at least for the colder months up ahead, but Opal works perfectly whenever I have a little bit more of a tan going on.

Wearing the liquid version of Opal, without any filter, under direct sunlight

The colour doesn't look that off key in photographs, it comes out as really natural yet intense at the same time, which isn't a combination you see often enough. I do find the liquid version a lot less intense and also lighter in colour than the powder version, which is why I tend to lean more towards it whenever I want a more subtle everyday glow. The powder version is very strong and works wonderfully as an eyeshadow if you want a really shimmery lid colour that blends like a dream.

Overall, this cute little kit is just what I needed to try out different formulas of highlighter, both of which really surprised me. They didn't cling to any dry patches, they both blended beautifully and they wore longer than any of my cream highlighters. I don't think I can live without either of these products in my collection, even though I still have my fair share of cream highlighters, I still lean more towards the Becca ones. Would I ever consider buying the full sized versions whenever they are finally available in Portugal? I don't think so. I definitely prefer the mini version of the powder, it's way handier and there isn't that much of a difference from 2,5gr to 8gr to justify the extra 20€. As for the liquid version, I might consider buying the larger bottle since 50ml is definitely a much better offer than 5ml, but I don't think I'd carry such a big bottle around with me, so I'd still keep the mini bottle for on the go, especially since the applicator on it is lovely as well.

Have you tried any of Becca's products before? Which ones do you recommend I try next? Which ones are you dying to try out yourself?

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  1. Nunca experimentei nenhum produto desta marca mas achei esse iluminador realmente bonito!

    My Own Anatomy ✨

    1. Vale imenso a pena experimentar, especialmente neste tipo de kits em que conseguimos experimentar de tudo um pouco sem grande compromisso monetário!