Blue Dilemma


How To Style a Blue Button Up Shirt

If you're anything like me, then there's probably one thing you hate more than anything - the dreaded blue shirt. It's not that it's a bad piece of clothing, it's just you hate pairing it with a pair of denim jeans, so you hardly ever wear them, too afraid to look a bit too 'blue'. Fear not, I bring you a new way to wear your beloved blue shirt or denim button up without having to reach for your trusted pair of black jeans (the solution to every fashion problem, ever).

First of all, grab your favourite blue/denim top/shirt. I chose a blue button up from Monki (you can find it here). Since it's still cold in most places, throw a black sweater on top of it and make sure the colour of your button up peaks through. I chose a textured fisherman jumper from Topshop (find it here).

Now that the blue is neutralised, try reaching for a pair of white jeans. Black jeans would also work, of course, but since Spring is close, it's time to welcome brighter colours into your outfit. I chose a pair of ripped knee jeans from New Look (you can find them here), but the ripped part is just personal preference - it's definitely one of my favourite trends for Spring.

To stop things from getting too plain and monochrome, I paired the outfit with some Nike Air Max sneakers with a floral print (find them here). It's not in a very bright colour, so it won't be too eye catching, but it's still a nice pop of colour and gives your outfit a little extra something.

Finally, to bring back something to tie in with the black jumper, grab for a black purse; I chose one from Givenchy (you can find it here). It's not the most affordable black bag out there, but it's very easy to find a nice black bag for a small price, especially if you go to H&M or Mango, they have great bags for small prices.

And there you go! A simple, yet visually interesting, outfit that is perfect for either Winter or Spring. Of course, you can give it your personal touch by adding jewelry or even by the way you do your makeup or hair to pair up with this outfit. Remember, the most important part of these stylespiration posts is to give you inspiration for your own outfits, not to set rules for what you should wear. Have fun and go out there feeling confident!

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