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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

If you're following me on Instagram, then you know I purchased Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara last week. This mascara has been praised by almost all beauty bloggers I follow, so it was obvious I had to get my hands on it to see if it was as amazing as they claimed. Spoiler alert: it is!

Lash Sensation promises a "full fan effect" thanks to the special brush with different layers of bristles. Truth be told, the brush does have a funny shape to it that was a bit tricky for me to work with at first, but now I'm absolutely in love with it. On one side, the bristles are very small, so they're perfect for your bottom lashes and the very root of your upper lashes, separating them beautifully; the other side has bigger, more sparse bristles, perfect to add volume to the end of your upper lashes.

A fair warning: it will take you some time to learn how to work with this brush so you get the desired result, but it's definitely worth your time. I found that this mascara does lengthen more than it gives me volume, but it still gives me a fair share of that. Overall, you do get the fan effect, just not as full as the images on the packaging and ads suggest (but then again, we all know they wear falsies for those ads, so you shouldn't trust them in the first place).

What I especially love about this mascara is how it manages to hold the curl all day long. It does not smudge either, which is always a nice feature on a mascara that isn't waterproof. Just curl your lashes, apply this, and feel gorgeous all day long because you have fluttery lashes that seem to defy gravity.

There is one thing that bothers me though, and that's the amount of product that sticks to the brush. It's just too much and even as you try your best to wipe it off on the mascara tube, it's still too much product, which only ends up making it harder to apply the mascara properly without messing up (hence why I do my mascara before anything else now, so I have the chance to clean up the mascara that ended up under my eyes and on my lid). Again, not the easiest brush to work with, but it is worth the effort, at least for me.

Overall, I give this mascara a 9/10. I'd give it a 10 if it wasn't so damn hard to apply without messing everything else up, but oh well. I do recommend this to everyone out there, it's extremely affordable (it was under 10€ for me, but I got it on sale; I believe it retails at around 13€), very long lasting, and does what it promises. This has been the mascara I've been reaching for every single day, despite the difficult application, and I can totally see why everyone's going crazy over it. This is, without a doubt, cult favourite material.

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