Favourite 2015 Spring Trends

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You all probably know I'm not a big fan of following trends. I believe fashion and beauty should be customised according to your personal taste, which means we shouldn't all be wearing high waisted jeans if we're not comfortable doing so, the same goes for a red lip. Still, I have decided to keep a closer look on the latest trends, especially so I could get inspired for spring. Today's post is all about a few spring trends I'm personally loving at the moment. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration for the upcoming warmer days as well!

Favourite 2015 Spring Trends | Orange Lips

Number 1: Orange Lips

I feel like the orange lip has always been popular, no matter what year. Still, it's been seen a lot more for the past year or so, be it on Youtube or on the runway. Overall, I've always been dying to try it out, but my fear of bold lipsticks had always kept me at bay. But after I bought my beloved Kiko red lipstick, I have found a new love for bold lip colours and orange is definitely a great colour for spring - a perfect alternative if you want to transition from the bold winter red lip to an equally bold spring lip without going with pink.

Favourite 2015 Spring Trends | Inky Eyes

Number 2: Inky Eyes

Eyeliner really isn't a revolutionising new trend, now is it? Still, a lot of people feel like spring is the time to start going a little bit softer on your look, and a lot of people stop wearing their beloved winged eyeliner, fearing it's too much for the slightly warmer weather. Personally, I feel like I've been wearing more eyeliner ever since April started than I ever wore during the entire winter. There's just something about a soft smokey liner on the upper lash line that just intensifies my eye colour in a way nothing else can, not even mascara. I'm definitely not letting go of my eyeliner anytime soon, spring be damned!

Favourite 2015 Spring Trends | Ripped Jeans

Number 3: Ripped Jeans

Although ripped jeans didn't suddenly become a trend (in fact, they've been one for the past half year, in the least), they're the perfect transition to warmer weather, without going all out with a pair of shorts or a skirt. If it's starting to get a tiny bit warmer where you live, showing your knees might just give you that little bit of fresh air you need to not be moaning about how hot it is 24/7. Plus, you can easily find them, at very affordable prices, and for all shapes and sizes!

Favourite 2015 Spring Trends | Natural Hair

Number 4: Natural hair

Finally, as far as hair is concerned, there's great news. Apparently, you can toss your curling wands and flat irons into a drawer and not touch them again until autumn, because natural hair texture is in! You could see it all over the runway, especially when it came to loose waves and side parts. Still, even with the help of curling wands, the curls still had a messy, natural look. This spring is all about looking natural and effortless, so the messier the better too! I guess this will be the time to give your hair a break from all the heat and embrace your natural hair texture, to try and figure out the best way to work with what you were born with.

That's all I have for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don't forget to tell me all about your favourite 2015 spring trends in the comments!

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