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If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know I'm going to the salon tomorrow! I hardly ever talk about hair on the blog, but since a ton of before and after pics are due tomorrow on my social media, I decided to post a little something today so next week I can make another post comparing what I hoped to get and what I actually got!

Overall, I'm pretty set on a blonde lob, although the idea of having shorter hair terrifies me - yes, I am one of those people who never had short hair in their life and always cringes at the thought of shoulder length hair. Alas, I've been eyeing this hair trend for a whole year now and I think it's finally time to take the plunge and cut my hair that short so I can grow it out until the summer time.


Of course, my roots clearly need some redoing ASAP, and I'll grab that chance to get a little bit more blonde overall. Going from super dark brown hair (as you can see in my roots) to blonde can be tough if you're not willing to sacrifice the health of your hair, which is why I've been taking it slow - first came the ombré tips, then came a full colouring of what I hoped to be blonde but turned more ginger than anything and now I hope my hair is finally light enough to embrace the blonde once and for all. I might still end up with ginger roots, but I can live with it!

ashley benson hair inspiration

Finally, I had to share my hair goals queen of all time, the lovely Ashley Benson. This is the pic I'm showing my hairdresser (along with the set at the top) in the hopes of getting as close to that as possible. Of course, since I look nothing like Ashley, some adjustments will have to be done for the haircut and colour to fit me as well as it does her, but I have enough trust in my hairdresser to believe we'll manage pretty darn well!

In the end, I hope to somehow find a balance between the photos, my own hair texture and details, and of course, my budget! So fingers crossed I don't leave that salon sobbing over the lost of my long locks - although I know the ends are, well, at their ends, so cutting them will allow my hair to grow stronger and healthier.

If you guys want any update posts on this subject or even a hair care post, feel free to leave a comment letting me know! Also, expect a beauty haul next week, since I've been doing some online shopping, as well as taking advantage of Well's 3 for 2 offer ;)

Oh, and let me know if you have any purple shampoo recommendations since I definitely need to buy one from now on! Drugstore brand or price, if possible.

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