A Long Overdue Ebay Haul + Review

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Remember way back in April when I told you I was going to order some stuff off Ebay and that I'd share it ASAP? Well, here I am now, months after actually receiving this products, with a fully formed opinion ready to share with you. This was the very first time I purchased anything off Ebay and I was very scared I'd be throwing my hard earned money away, due to all of the horror stories I heard in the blogging community.

What finally convinced me to buy these was all of Fee's (Makeup Savvy) Ebay posts that had me drooling over inexpensive brushes. It was the one area in my collection that was severely lacking, mostly because I never saw a reason to spend almost 100€ on a Zoeva brush set (which is considered one of the most affordable ones, unless we count Real Techniques sets, though all of them combined might be around the same price, if we include the Sam and Nick picks ones). Overall, I was just very stuffy about spending so much money on brushes that might not even be that good or get that much use. So Ebay brushes that are cheaper a set than some foundations I own sounded like a dream come true, especially since I wouldn't be too upset if the quality disappointed me at the end.

Now, I must tell you I didn't buy everything from the same seller, but they all arrived in a month's time in decent conditions. Overall, I was very happy with the products I bought, the quality was actually surprisingly good and I didn't have to wait too long for them to arrive either (they were always in the window the seller gave me, so no complaints there either. Since I didn't want this post to be ridiculously long, I'm keeping my reviews short and sweet, including links to all of the products so you can check them out for yourself and see if they're worth the month long wait or not!

This brush was very densely packed, which is exactly what you need if you want to use liquid products, so they don't get stuck in between the bristles. I love to use it for blending my bronzer and contour more so than for application, because I find it to be too heavy for that, even with the lightest of hands. It's great quality and, after many washes in the past couple of months, it hasn't lost any hairs. For the price, I'd say it's worth the money, but not an essential to any collection.

This is one of the most rewarding purchases out of this whole haul. I simply adore the eye brushes, they make blending and applying shadow such a picnic, they're extra soft and they wash rather easily without losing any bristles. As for the face brushes, they're nice, but some aren't as densely packed as I hoped for. The contouring one is quite good for applying bronzer, the pointy one is amazing for applying concealer and the regular old powder brush works best for blush than for powder, but it still does the job the other way around. The ones I don't really use are the flat top ones, because they aren't dense enough to apply my foundations, but they're all still very nice quality. All in all, the eye brushes alone are worth the price, plus you get a few extras to keep in your collection in case you don't have any or you're too lazy, like me, to wash your brushes regularly.

Okay, I have to admit this one was more of an impulse buy than anything else. I had hear Suzie from Hello October brag so much about the real deal, I had to buy this dupe just to get a feel for what she was talking about, even if I wasn't expecting Nars quality. For the low price, it's shockingly good. The bristles are a bit rougher than in the previous brushes I talked about, but they are by no means scratchy, and they get the job done! I've been using this brush mostly to apply blush, but I feel like it'd do a great job at applying setting powder all over the face as well, in light layers rather than piling it on. This is actually an everyday staple of mine nowadays and 100% worth the money (even more so if the bristles were as soft as the other brushes, but we can't really make demands when it's under 2£, now can we ?)

These were the biggest reason why I wanted to make an Ebay purchase, since I had been looking high and low for months on end for affordable little lipstick holders like these, with little to no success in my search. As soon as I saw these, I knew they were the answer to all of my prayers and went ahead and bought two, just in case. They each carry 24 lipsticks, so as of right now I have one and a half filled with my collection. They hold almost every lipstick tube I own, except for the Kiko metallic cases, since they're on the heftier side of lipstick tubes, but every regular old one should fit without any problems. These are very sturdy and well made and have given me no trouble whatsoever in the past couple of months I've had them, so I fully recommend these!

Sadly, this was the only product that truly disappointed me, out of everything I bought. The packaging it came in completely flattened the brush and no matter how many times I washed it and tried to reshape it, it was broken beyond repair. Of course, I could still use it to blend out my contour, but I had been looking for a blush brush, not another contour brush. As if that wasn't bad enough, a couple of weeks ago I accidently dropped the little cup that holds all these brushes on the floor and this was the only brush that got broken. The metal part separated from the wooden handle, and although it has kept the actual bristles intact, I just couldn't be bothered to fuss about using it anymore, so this is going to the bin right after I finish writing this post. Overall, it wasn't as big of a disappointment had I bought the real deal and had the same result, since I spend a little bit under a pound on it, but it was still a shame nonetheless.

Brush Cleaning Mat - 0.99£ + 0.18£ shipping

This little gem has saved me when it comes to washing my brushes. It does exactly what you'd expect it to do, though I find it won't work if you use very dense brushes like Zoeva's 107, since it won't be able to reach deep enough to fully clean the bristles. Apart from that, it should be totally worth the money and the wait, especially if you're not an avid brush cleaner like myself. Sadly, this listing has since been deleted from Ebay, so I can't link it in this post. However, I'm sure you can find similar items at a similar price if you search for it (just make sure to look for sellers with high sales and ratings so you know you can trust them!)

Again, a little bit of an impulse buy due to all of the craze around the actual brush. I had just gotten the Barry M contour kit, so I figured it would be a good time to try out one of these brushes to see how it performed. It was decent enough, better for sculpting out your nose, jawline and forehead rather than your cheekbones, since I feel like the lines it gives are a bit too thin to work for me. Again, it isn't as densely packed as I hoped for, but it works well enough that I kept it and use it on a weekly basis, so I'd say it'd be worth the money if you're not interested in spending the small fortune the actual Ita brush costs, just as long as you don't expect the exact same results.

And that was all for my Ebay haul! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or other product recommendations for my next Ebay haul, feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

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  1. I feel like buying dupes for brushes is either hit or miss, I mean I love brushes and buying the real deals but when ebay is around it makes me want to purchase loads!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

    1. It really depends on the seller and the type of brush you pick. I find that the ones that are recommended by other people on the blogesphere tend to be better since so many other people have tried them and given it a thumbs up!